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Election Overview

Early Voting: April 19 - 27, Election Day: May 1

On May 1, 2021 McKinney ISD held an important election that will impact our students, teachers, and community for many years to come. This election provides funding for classrooms and facilities, and lowered the tax rate by at least 3 cents.

Due to its conservative management of funds and commitment to paying off debt quickly, MISD was able to propose the 2021 school bond while at the same time recommending a $.03 reduction of the overall tax rate, saving approximately $112.27 per average single-family home ($354,159).

This election included four ballot items, all focused on one priority: McKinney ISD students.

The ballot items included an Attendance Credit Election (ACE), a Voter-Approval Tax Rate Election (VATRE), a $245 million school bond program and a $30 million technology bond program.

Attendance Credit Election

The Attendance Credit Election is a state required, one-time, election that asks voters to enable McKinney ISD to continue to make the mandatory recapture (frequently referred to as Robin Hood) payments in the same way it has been making them since the 2014-15 school year.

Voter-Approval Tax Rate Election

A Voter-Approval Tax Rate Election impacts the district’s Maintenance and Operations budget. This is the budget that school districts use for teacher and staff salaries, books, classroom supplies, utilities, educational resources, custodial, insurance and other items that help educate students each day.

School Building Bond Ballot

The school building ballot has two primary goals. The first, is to update and renovate existing campuses. The second, is to accommodate growth through campus expansions and a new school.

Technology Bond Ballot

The Technology Bond Ballot, ensures that McKinney ISD will be able to continue our student laptop initiative, and provide a computer for every child in the district. This ballot also provides funding for classroom, STEM and CTE computers.

Election Impact on the Tax Rate

How do these ballot items impact the total tax rate?

Due to its conservative management of funds and a commitment to paying off debt quickly, if all four ballot items are approved, McKinney ISD will still be able to lower the total tax rate. The simple reason is that the district is paying off more debt than it is taking on. That means McKinney ISD can continue to provide the programs and facilities parents have come to expect, and lower the tax rate for homeowners by at least 3 cents.

What is the impact on the average single family home?

The combined tax impact on an average single family home valued at $354,159, if all four elections get approved (FOR), will be a savings of approximately $112.27.

What is the impact on persons aged 65 years or older?

MISD property taxes are frozen and cannot be increased for qualifying senior citizens who have filed their homestead and Over 65 exemption application with the Collin County Appraisal District.

Why does the ballot language indicate that the tax rate will increase?

In 2019, the Texas Legislature passed legislation requiring the ballots for all school bond elections to include a sentence that states “THIS IS A PROPERTY TAX INCREASE.” The sentence is required even if no actual tax rate increase will occur.

Should all four ballot items pass (FOR), MISD will lower the tax rate by at least 3 cents.

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