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Safety & Security

McKinney ISD School Resource Officer in his police vehicle.

McKinney ISD School Resource Officer in his police vehicle.

Emergency Guide for Parents and Visitors

The McKinney Independent School District is committed to providing a safe environment for student, staff, and visitors. We work closely with safety officials-police, fire, emergency medical services, and public health, in order to ensure our schools are well prepared for an emergency. We have developed a comprehensive plan that covers a wide variety of emergencies that serves as a guide to help staff and our public safety partners respond swiftly should a crisis occur in our schools.

Please click here to download the MISD Emergency Guide for Parents and Visitors. (PDF)

Keyless Entry (Building Access)

All campuses have keyless entry systems designed to provide access only to authorized district personnel and other persons approved by the district. The keyless entry system provides a photographic identification badge for all staff.

Hall Pass System (Building Access)

All campuses utilize a Hall Pass System to protect the students of MISD by identifying and monitoring Registered Sex Offenders who try to gain access to campuses. The Hall Pass System consists of a national database used to identify registered sex offenders. Administrative personnel are notified via text message and email upon positive ID of a sex offender trying to enter a campus.

Fire Drills

Fire drills are mandated by state law. One fire drill must be held each month at every campus. Fire drills are recorded on a yearly state fire marshal report. These reports must be kept for three (3) years.

Tornado Drills

Tornado drills are reviewed with students and staff and are practiced each semester. Parents should note, that during a tornado watch, parents can enter the school and check their child out. Once the status is moved to a tornado warning all staff and students are moved to a safe area and parents will not be able to enter the school until the National Weather Service changes the threat level for the McKinney area. MISD monitors weather year-round and utilizes emergency radios that are tied to the police towers to ensure communication when cell service is not available.


Lockdown information is reviewed each year with students and staff at each campus. An announced lockdown drill is held during the fall semester and an unannounced lockdown drill is held in the spring semester at each campus. The campus is evaluated during these lockdown drills.

Safety Audits

Safety Audits are completed at MISD sites on a 3 year rotation basis. The state mandated audits reinforce the strengths and remove concerns at campuses. Safety Audits are truly an improvement tool for campuses.

Crossing Guard Locations

Campus Intersection
Bennett Elementary Coronado & Round Hill
Bennett Elementary Round Hill & Saw Grass
Burks Elementary Virginia & Graves
Burks Elementary Louisiana & Graves
Caldwell Elementary Louisiana & Bradley
Caldwell Elementary Virginia & Bradley
Eddins Elementary Arbor Creek Lane & Falcon Crest
Eddins Elementary Cotton Ridge & Peregrine
Eddins Elementary Falcon View Drive & Peregrine
Finch Elementary Tennessee & Elm
Glen Oaks Elementary Glen Oaks & Wildflower Drive
Malvern Elementary Eldorado & Park Central
McGowen Elementary Maidstone & Back Drive
McGowen Elementary McKinney Ranch Parkway & Columbus
McGowen Elementary Columbus & Aylesbury Court
McNeil Elementary Hardin Road & Aspen
Minshew Elementary Flatrock Drive & Devils River Drive
Press Elementary Shawnee & Entrance to Campus
Johnson Elementary Cedar Elem & Ash
Johnson Elementary Ridge Road & Sidney Lane
Johnson Elementary Woodson & Cedar Elm
Slaughter Elementary Dowell & Bois D’Arc
Slaughter Elementary Dowell & Wolford
Valley Creek Elementary Valley Creek & Woodland
Vega Elementary Taylor-Burks Drive & Deep Valley
Walker Elementary Cockrill & Maverick
Webb Elementary Greenville & Jennie
Wilmeth Elementary Bristle & Lacima
Wilmeth Elementary Stonebridge & Lacima
Wolford Elementary Berkshire & Hilldale
Wolford Elementary Berkshire & Waterbrook
Evans Middle School Ridge Road & Eldorado Parkway
Evans Middle School Berkshire & Waterbrook
Scott Johnson Middle School Community & Front Exit
Boyd High School Virginia & Lake Forest Drive
Boyd High School Lake Forest & Raincrest Drive

Twenty-Four-Hour Security

McKinney ISD Security department provides year-round security patrols 24/7 including holidays, for all campuses and facilities. The security 24 hour phone number is 469-446-1824.

City of McKinney Traffic Liaison

MISD continually works with the City of McKinney through a joint agreement to improve traffic flow, crossing guard locations and other safety issues.

Need Help?

If you need additional assistance with the content on this page, please contact McKinney ISD team member Robert Montgomery by phone at 469-302-4096 or by email here .