McKinney ISD


Health Services Directory

Department Details

Office Location:

#1 Duvall Street
McKinney, Texas 75069

Office Phone:


Department Hours:

8:00 am - 4:15 pm

MISD Administration

Julie Blankenship RN Director of Health Services 469-302-4151 Email
Christy Giddens RN Coordinator of Health Services 469-302-4151 Email

High School Nurses

Patricia Aranibar RN McKinney Boy High School 469-302-3413 Email
Angela Hageman RN McKinney High School 469-302-5730 Email
Jessica Green RN McKinney North High School 469-302-4308 Email

Middle School Nurses

Kristi Boldt RN Cockrill Middle School 469-302-7906 Email
Emily Cieminski RN Dowell Middle School 469-302-6716 Email
Donna Fitzpatrick RN Evans Middle School 469-302-7107 Email
Megan Byrd RN Faubion Middle School 469-302-6914 Email
Angie Severin RN Scott Johnson Middle School 469-302-4993 Email

Elementary School Nurses

Emily Miranda RN Bennett Elementary 469-302-5407 Email
Donielle Nellum RN Burks Elementary 469-302-6228 Email
Jane Becker RN Caldwell Elementary 469-302-5515 Email
Ana Chaidez RN Eddins Elementary 469-302-7906 Email
Todd Guinn RN Finch Elementary 469-302-5617 Email
Lauren Jacobson RN Frazier Elementary 469-302-9516 Email
Courtney Cano RN Glen Oaks Elementary 469-302-6408 Email
Jennifer Beaverson RN Lawson Early Childhood School 469-302-2404 Email
Jennifer Wagner RN Malvern Elementary 469-302-5304 Email
Whitney Alsup RN McClure Elementary 469-302-9445 Email
Natalee Klotz RN McNeil Elementary 469-302-5204 Email
Brittnee Turner RN McGowen Elementary 469-302-7513 Email
Heather McDonald RN Minshew Elementary 469-302-7304 Email
Jennifer Stout RN Press Elementary 469-302-7613 Email
Brooke Dowell RN Johnson Elementary 469-302-6508 Email
Susan Hancz RN Slaughter Elementary 469-302-6109 Email
Marie Kellum RN Valley Creek Elementary 469-302-4880 Email
Kendall Brown RN Vega Elementary 469-302-5102 Email
Joanne Duran RN Walker Elementary 469-302-4605 Email
Marie Hickey RN Webb Elementary 469-302-6005 Email
Amy Petty RN Wilmeth Elementary 469-302-7404 Email
Mary “Beth” Loeb RN Wolford Elementary 469-302-4707 Email