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Health & Wellness Plan

McKinney ISD is dedicated to ensuring an educational environment that also educates students about health and wellness. In MISD, each campus has a coordinated health team. The coordinated health and wellness teams include certified health & PE teachers, registered nurses, counselors, food service workers, classroom teachers and principals. Community partners include parents and professionals such as the McKinney Fire Department and other health service professionals.

Coordinated health teams guide and support all coordinated health partners with the implementation of the coordinated health and wellness curriculum. The coordinated health teams on each campus complete and annual assessment. These assessments are reported annually to the school board.

Per the Texas Education Agency’s requirement to provide effective programs, each program is designed to coordinate Health education, Physical education, Nutrition services and Parental involvement.

All coordinated health and wellness curriculum must be approved by MISD’s School Health Advisory Council (SHAC). For more information about this group please contact Julie Blankenship BSN, RN, Director of Health Services, at [email protected], or Karin Klemm, Health & PE Facilitator at [email protected].

Health & Wellness Curriculum

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