McKinney ISD

McKinney ISD Parents, if you did not select bus service during online registration as the method to transport your child to and from school, but you do need ongoing bus service (and are eligible for bus service), please send your name, your child’s name and your child’s student ID number to the following email:

Please allow at least 2–3 days for a route to be assigned to your child. Once a route has been assigned to your child, that information will be accessible in HAC and at this link, or you can contact Durham Bus Services at 972-542-8316.

Important Gifted and Talented Dates

2019-20 Dates

August 10-24
New to District GT Testing

October 1
Deadline for GT Referral – Grades 1 and 2 and 9-11

November 2
GT Testing – 2nd Grade

December 2-20
GT CogAT testing – Kindergarten

December 2 – 20
3rd Grade GT NNAT Universal Screening

December 7
GT Testing – 1st Grade

January 6-10
Make-up and Additional Testing – Grades 1-2

January 7- 22
Additional Testing (K-2); New to district testing

January 23
Deadline for GT Referrals – Grades 3-8

February 29
GT Testing – Grades 4 and 5

March 21
GT Testing – Grades 3-4

May 2
Make-up testing – Grades 3-5

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