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4/8 Update - All Grab & Go meal program locations (Vega, Malvern, Webb, Finch, McNeil and Slaughter) will be open on April 10th and 27th. Learn more

School Closure to Extend Through May 1 - In light of Governor Abbott’s March 31 executive order extending closure of Texas schools, I want to inform you that MISD schools will remain closed through Friday, May 1. Learn more

McKinney ISD Digital Teaching and Learning Starts Monday, March 30! Please click the following link for important components of our digital teaching and learning plan. Learn more

For digital learning, students will access the Seesaw and Canvas platforms through the McKinney ISD SSO link

A parent support site, MISD Parent e-Learning Resources, has been created to assist families during digital learning with helpful information related to Seesaw, Canvas and other resources.

Click here to view information from the Special Populations department about the school closure.



Are GT students new to MISD automatically placed in ALPHA?

Because programs and opportunities for gifted and talented students vary so much, even within the state of Texas, all new students must be reviewed and placed in ALPHA by the campus GT committee before enrollment in GT classes. To be reviewed for placement, please give the school counselor, administrator, GT teacher, or GT Specialist:

  • A signed, completed Nomination form (available on this site) which gives permission for testing (if needed) and
  • A signed, completed Request for GT Records form with all the information necessary to secure your child’s GT records from the previous district.

This process typically takes 4-6 weeks. If the student is enrolled at the beginning of the school year or over the summer, the process (4-6 weeks) will start at the beginning of the academic year.

When may I nominate a student?

Nominations are accepted at any time from the beginning of the school year through the middle of April. The specific dates are posted on every campus. Nominations received after the April cutoff will be processed as soon as possible at the beginning of the next academic year. MISD does not offer assessment services for students registered outside of the McKinney school district.

Once placed in ALPHA, will my child continue in the program?

Yes. Once a child is placed in ALPHA, he or she will continue to participate in GT classes unless furloughed (request for a semester or full year leave of absence) or exited from the program. The state encourages each school district to help students determine their areas of giftedness. As students transition from elementary to middle school and from middle to high school, we look closely at GT classroom products and performance, assessments and teacher observations. These, in addition to a student’s declared “favorite subjects”, help us determine which secondary classes may be most appropriate for each student. Counselors in middle school and high school have access to the lists of incoming ALPHA students and their areas of strength. They can assist you and your child with scheduling choices.

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