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Are GT students new to MISD automatically placed in ALPHA?

All students who transfer from other districts will be automatically considered for gifted and talented services in McKinney ISD. In order for the transfer to be considered, the new campus must have documentation showing the student was being served in the gifted and talented department in their former school and the scores used to place the student in the program. It may be necessary to submit the Request for GT Records form below to access student records.

  • A signed, completed Nomination form (available on this site) which gives permission for testing (if needed) and
  • A signed, completed Request for GT Records form with all the information necessary to secure your child’s GT records from the previous district.

This process typically takes 4-6 weeks. If the student is enrolled at the beginning of the school year or over the summer, the process (4-6 weeks) will start at the beginning of the academic year.

We are transferring to McKinney ISD and are interested in the ALPHA program. How do I sign my student up for an evaluation?

Please fill out the ALPHA Program Referral Form and return it to your student’s counselor or registrar. Additionally, please ask that a teacher from your student’s former school complete the Teacher Observation Form to highlight your student’s strengths in the classroom.

When may I refer a student?

Referrals are accepted at any time from the beginning of the school year through the middle of April, but testing is only conducted during specific windows. Referrals received after the April cutoff will be processed as soon as possible at the beginning of the next academic year. Please Refer to important dates page for more information.

MISD does not offer assessment services for students registered outside of the McKinney school district.

Once placed in ALPHA, will my child continue in the program?

Yes. Once a child is placed in ALPHA, he or she will continue to participate in GT classes unless furloughed (request for a semester or full year leave of absence) or exited from the program.

What is the difference between GT classes and Advanced (Formerly Pre-AP) or AP (Advanced Placement) classes?

Beginning in the sixth grade, students have the option to take more rigorous Advanced (Formerly Pre-AP) classes. In math, social studies, and science, students in the gifted and talented program will be clustered in a Advanced (Formerly Pre-AP) classroom with other high-ability students. The teachers in these classrooms are trained by the Texas Education Agency to be able to provide emotional support and a differentiated curriculum to our gifted and talented students. Students in the GT English class are homogeneously grouped with other students that have been identified for gifted and talented services. To learn more about the program, please view the ALPHA Services page to read more about Secondary Services.

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