McKinney ISD


ALPHA Selection Procedure

1. Nomination forms are made available to all teachers, parents, and students. (See counselor, ALPHA teacher, or this site for the Nomination Form, Teacher Observation Form, etc.). 

MISD does not offer assessment services to the general public, only registered McKinney ISD students.

2. Teacher Inventories are distributed and returned to Alpha teacher or Counselor.

3. Student product samples or other qualitative measurements, such as Academic Rating Scales and other teacher observation forms, are gathered.

4. All eligible nominated students are tested in their primary language or using nonverbal tests.

Any student who has been tested within one calendar year of nomination on a nationally-normed assessment may be exempt from further testing.

5. All available information is placed on the Student Profile Sheet. The Student Profile Sheet acts as a table of contents for the portfolio and allows the District Selection Committee to view data results as a whole.

6. District Selection Committees (elementary and secondary) meet to review nominations and make decisions on each. Members include administrators, counselor, GT Specialists, and Alpha classroom teachers, to include member (s)) ethnically representative of the student population. 

All members meet the requirement for state GT (Gifted and Talented) certification.

7. Students must qualify in a minimum of 5 of 7 categories for placement.

  • Cognitive Abilities: 97% minimum NPR (national percentage rate) Verbal or Quantitative
  • Reasoning Abilities: 97% minimum NPR
  • Achievement in Math/Science: 97% minimum NPR
  • Achievement in Language Arts: 97% minimum NPR
  • Observational information – outside of school; Gifted characteristics must be clearly evident
  • Teacher Observation – highest rating must be predominant
  • Student Products (generated in school/class)

8. If the District Selection Committee deems further assessment is necessary, the Gifted Specialist will gather that information.

9. Parents are notified of committee decisions through regular mail.

Appeals will be handled in a manner consistent with MISD’s Student and Parent Complaints policy-FNG (Local).

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