Elementary Schools


Academically, we consider it a special and unique privilege and responsibility to construct an active learning environment for our elementary students. The primary goal of our curriculum is to ensure that all students acquire essential knowledge and skills to become responsible and productive adults in society.

McKinney ISD believes that our curriculum should reflect our goal and be written as a road map for teachers so that the state standards are followed and critical components of grade level learning are addressed. The curriculum provides the framework for teachers to teach the standards while adding the creativity, the differentiation, and the performance standards necessary for students to understand the content, to have experiences that connect to other learning, and to address the academic goals for the appropriate grade level/subject area.

We are fully committed and focused on student learning that emphasizes the highest quality and leads to continuous improvement.

Graduate Profile

Campus beliefs, practices and processes lead to a strong McKinney ISD graduate.

We believe that graduates entering the next phase of their life will need a sound academic foundation to locate and organize information and resources, to relate effectively with others in work teams, to utilize technology as a tool and to understand diverse social and organizational systems.

In McKinney, young people from pre-kindergarten through their senior year of high school have the opportunity to develop crucial skills required for success beyond the classroom:

  • Self-directed workers and learners
  • Effective communicators
  • Collaborative workers
  • Community contributors
  • Academically talented
  • Masters of technology
  • Creative, critical, logical and perceptive thinkers
  • Well-rounded individuals physically, academically, socially, emotionally, cognitively and artistically