The track at Scott Johnson Middle School will be closed for the summer for maintenance. It will reopen at the beginning of the school year.


Safe Schools

Current Security Measures in Place

Keyless Entry (Building Access)

All exterior doors at the campuses are locked at all times. All campuses have a keyless entry system designed to provide access only to authorized district personnel and other persons approved by the district. The keyless entry system provides a photographic identification badge for all staff.

Aiphones, Controlled Entry Security Vestibules and Visitor Sign In/Sign Out

The Aiphone is a camera/intercom system, which allows office staff to see and communicate with the individual trying to enter the MISD facility. This is the first point of contact with the visitor to determine the purpose of the visit.

Vestibules are secured spaces with two or more sets of doors and an office sign-in area. Once the purpose of the visit is determined, the visitor is allowed to enter the vestibule area to complete the check in process. Once a visitor has been authorized to enter, the doors from the sign-in area to the school are electronically unlocked.

Security vestibules also serves as a single point of entrance for students who are late to school or returning from an appointment, while all other doors remain locked.
Steps for accessing the security vestibule:

  1. Visitors enter the vestibule.
  2. Visitor are checked in through Hall Pass (see below) and cleared before gaining access to the rest of the building. All visitors, whether employees or not, must sign in and sign out during their visit.
  3. Doors between the vestibule and the school remain locked at all times.

Hall Pass System (Building Access)

All campuses utilize a Hall Pass System to protect MISD students by identifying and monitoring Registered Sex Offenders who try to gain access to our campuses. Using the visitor’s ID, the Hall Pass System will search a national database to identify a registered sex offender. Administrative personnel are notified immediately via text message and email upon a positive ID of a sex offender trying to enter a campus.

Cameras in Campuses and School Buses

There are approximately 1800 security cameras throughout the district located inside and outside of all MISD buildings. MISD security personnel monitor these cameras 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

There are also 479 cameras located on the MISD school buses. Durham Transportation personnel can review these cameras anytime an incident is reported on one of the school buses. Drivecam, a driver camera system, monitors bus driver behaviors and driver safety.

Safety & Security Audits

The Texas School Safety Center requires a comprehensive Safety and Security Audit of all the MISD facilities.

District Wide Emergency Radios

Every campus is issued one district wide emergency radio that is used to contact the 24/7 Security Monitoring Room in an event of an emergency.

Safety & Security Drills

Safety Drills are conducted during the school year by each of the campuses. All staff members, including substitutes, are trained on the above drills. Each campus reviews with their staff members all the safety procedures and drills before the start of the school year during their Academy week. In addition, they get first-hand experience by conducting/participating in their campus safety drills throughout the school year.

  • Lockdown drills – 1x each semester
  • Secure/Lockout drills – 1x each semester
  • Shelter for Severe Weather drills – 1x each semester
  • Shelter for Hazardous Materials drills – 1x each semester
  • Hold for Medical Emergencies drills – 1x each semester
  • Fire/Evacuation drills – 1 each month when there are 10 or more school days in that month, as required by state law

Every lockdown drill is conducted with McKinney Police Department SROs.

An Emergency Go-Bag is in every office and classroom on the campuses. Teacher are required to take this Go-Bag with them during all drills and/or emergencies.

An After-Action Report is completed by the campus to report the drills and any comments on the drill to the Security Department.

All summer programs also perform a Fire Drill and a Lockdown Drill.

Emergency Lockdown

MISD campuses can be put into lockdown several ways, i.e. the pressing of a lockdown button, via a computer, via a landline phone or cell phone. Blue strobe lights are activated in the common areas (Cafeteria, Auditorium, Gym, Band/Orchestra halls, Libraries, and main hallways) to alert the auditory impaired students who would not hear the alarms. Placing the school on lockdown will immediately alert district administration and law enforcement.

Partnership with McKinney Police Department

The McKinney Police Department currently has sixteen (16) SROs assigned to the School Resource Officer program. McKinney ISD and the City of McKinney fund these positions. Two of the officers are sergeants who supervise the SROs.

They provide protection for students and teachers and assist students in the day-to-day questions they might have regarding law enforcement.
The School Resource Officers also schedule assorted educational programs for the students.

The City of McKinney, the Police Department, and McKinney ISD are continually re-evaluating the School Resource Officer program to ensure the proper protection for students and teachers. As of now, we have (or MISD has)

  • Two (2) SROs assigned to each high school
  • One (1) SRO assigned to each middle school
  • Two (2) SROs assigned to cover all elementary campuses

MISD is currently working with McKinney Police Department to add two more SROs to support the elementary campuses.


Tip411 is a tool to enhance student safety. It is an internet-based communication system that gives students or any concerned citizen a means to quickly and anonymously report suspicious or criminal behavior at school. Tips can be submitted online or with a cell phone by texting tip information to 847411 (Tip411). Visit the Tip411 page for more information.

H1-K9 Sniffer Dogs

H1-K9 vendor provides MISD with K9 dogs trained to sniff out drugs, bombs and guns. They sweep middle and high school campuses monthly during the school year. They may also visit school events such as athletic games or dances as requested by the campuses.

Emergency Crisis Phone Application

In Case of Crisis, is a phone app available to all staff members in MISD. Staff members can access a step-by-step instruction on what they need to do in the event of a real crisis on their campus or in the district.

Reunification Process

In the case of a large-scale emergency where students need to evacuate their campus, a process is in place to evacuate them to safe location and to be reunified with their parent/guardian after the incident is cleared.


While we are confident in what we have currently implemented in MISD, we are always reevaluating our systems and processes to find ways to improve the overall safety and security for our district.

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