The track at Scott Johnson Middle School will be closed for the summer for maintenance. It will reopen at the beginning of the school year.

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Emergency Management

Safety & Security Drills

Safety drills are conducted during the school year by each of the campuses. All staff members, including substitutes, are trained on the drills listed below. Each campus reviews with their staff members all the safety procedures and drills before the start of the school year during their Academy week. In addition, they get first-hand experience by conducting/participating in their campus safety drills throughout the school year.

  • Lockdown drills – 1x each semester
  • Secure/Lockout drills – 1x each semester
  • Shelter for Severe Weather drills – 1x each semester
  • Shelter for Hazardous Materials drills – 1x each semester
  • Hold for Medical Emergencies drills – 1x each semester
  • Fire/Evacuation drills – 1 each month when there are 10 or more school days in that month, as required by state law

Every lockdown drill is conducted with McKinney Police Department SROs.

An Emergency Go-Bag is in every office and classroom on the campuses. Teacher are required to take this Go-Bag with them during all drills and/or emergencies.

An After-Action Report is completed by the campus to report the drills and any comments on the drill to the Security Department.

All summer programs also perform a Fire Drill and a Lockdown Drill.

Emergency Lockdown

MISD campuses can be put into lockdown several ways, i.e. the pressing of a lockdown button, via a computer, via a landline phone or cell phone. Blue strobe lights are activated in the common areas (Cafeteria, Auditorium, Gym, Band/Orchestra halls, Libraries, and main hallways) to alert the auditory impaired students who would not hear the alarms. Placing the school on lockdown will immediately alert district administration and law enforcement.

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