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#MISDLivesKind Chronicles Kindness Across the District

Press Release|
Shane Mauldin|
Friday, December 21, 2018

McKinney, Texas – It goes without saying that there are aspects of social media that we could all live without. It just seems to bring out the bad in a lot of people.

And, never mind the trollish behavior; do we really need to know about things like Christmas tree eyebrows? Apparently, it’s a thing this holiday season. Maybe you’ve heard about it on Twitter.

But, when deployed for noble—or at the very least, reasonable—purposes, social media can be a contagious source of inspiration, and there are teeming multitudes of hashtags that have collected moments aimed at filling up your heart.

We’d like to direct your attention to this one: #MISDLivesKind

teacher and student smiling

McKinney ISD began its MISD Lives Kind initiative in August. The hashtag #MISDLivesKind that sprang up as a result has helped chronicle those efforts.

In August, McKinney ISD Superintendent Dr. Rick McDaniel launched the MISD Lives Kind initiative to promote—as the name implies—kindness across the district. It would be impossible to chronicle all of the big and small moments in which students or staff members have gone out of their way to put others before self. But, thanks to the power of social media and the ever present smartphone camera, we can catch a lot of it…

Like the fact that Slaughter Elementary has something called a Kindness and Compassion Club. Or that a bunch of fourth graders at Press wrote letters to soldiers serving overseas. Or that a trio of girls at McClure took it upon themselves to sweep playground chips off the sidewalk. Or that third, fourth and fifth grade GT students collected 510 pairs of donated socks for people in the community.

MISD teacher Crystal Bayley opened her lunch a few days ago to find a note from her daughter: “Mom, I love you so much! Have fun at school!” You’ll find that on there, as well as reports of donations to the Collin County Animal Shelter and Dowell students celebrating their custodians and Minshew kids collecting 584 toys for the Children’s Advocacy Center and, heck—kids just reading together.

It’s good stuff.

So, if the mad hustle and bustle of the holidays is starting to wear you out, take a few minutes to visit #MISDLivesKind.

And, just start scrolling.

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