McKinney ISD School Board Approves Strategic Plan

Press Release|
Dr. Shelly Spaulding|
Monday, January 22, 2024

McKinney, Texas — In June 2023, the Board of Trustees and Mr. Pratt began the visioning work for McKinney ISD’s Strategic Plan. They created the district’s vision, beliefs, and identified six strategic priorities for our district.

In October 2023, the Strategic Planning Team was established, bringing together 79 members including teachers, administrators, parents, students, community members, and business partners. Over a span of two days, the Strategic Planning Team collaborated to explore crucial questions, including defining the district’s current state, envisioning its direction for the next 3 to 5 years, and identifying primary areas for improvement within the context of the six strategic priorities: Safety and Security, Teaching and Learning, McKinney ISD Family, Culture, Communications, and Finance and Facilities. The team members successfully crafted the district’s new mission statement, providing a framework for the strategic plan and clarifying the heart and hope of the district. In alignment with the priorities, objectives and strategies were developed to ensure the effective implementation and achievement of the outlined goals.

In November 2023, Action Teams, comprising an additional 116 stakeholders, collaborated to advance the Strategic Team’s efforts by formulating action plans. These teams were guided by cabinet members and district administrators to ensure alignment and intention was carried forward. Each person on the Action Team was assigned to one of the six district priorities based on their interest, expertise, or experience. The members worked to create action steps to ensure the long-range goals were achieved.

In January 2024, the Strategic Planning Team and Action Team Leaders convened for a comprehensive, day-long session. The purpose of this gathering was to review the proposed action steps, foster consensus among the team members, and ensure that the devised objectives and strategies are actively implemented. The team approved 21 action plans. These plans will be living documents implemented over the next 3 to 5 years and consistently reviewed and revised to ensure strategic goals are fully achieved. Progress and revisions to the action plans will be reported to the Board of Trustees each year as a means of accountability.

The McKinney ISD Strategic Plan was accepted by the Board on January 22, 2024. Mr. Pratt will determine the year to begin each action plan, designate a point person overseeing implementation, and establish an evaluation system.

The Strategic Plan becomes a part of the District Plan, Campus Plans, and Community-Based Accountability. Under the leadership of the Board of Trustees and Mr. Pratt, McKinney ISD’s Strategic Plan will serve as the roadmap for transforming the district and turning the vision into reality for McKinney students, staff, and community.

Strategic Planning Team

MISD Parents & Community Members
Shannon Arnold Parent
Angie Bado Community Member
Amanda Baker Parent
Tanya Banse Parent
Andi Bleakley Parent
Nathan Bogue Parent
Dr. Gene Burton Community Member
Yusra Chishty Parent
Madison Clark Parent
Cindy Fish Parent
Ryan Fritz Community Member
Lara Hawkins Parent
Corey Homer Parent
Larry Jagours Board of Trustees
Rev Isiah Joshua Community Member
Cindy Lozada Parent
Jill Mayer Community Member
Harvey Oaxaca Board of Trustees
Gloria Peterson Parent
Debra Pintar Community Member
Melissa Schubel Parent
Monica Serrano Parent
Al Stuessy Community Member
Georgia Thompson Parent
Kenneth Ussery Community Member
MISD Students
Amaya Allen Student McKinney Boyd High School
Danica Anaya Student McKinney North High School
Luke Bayer Student McKinney High School
Legend Bryant Student McKinney North High School
Kailee Critchfield Student McKinney North High School
Jensen Cruse Student McKinney Boyd High School
Meg Lannan Student McKinney North High School
James McGowan Student McKinney High School
Emma Peirson Student McKinney Boyd High School
Charlotte Plaster Student McKinney High School
Skylar Pompa Student McKinney High School
Natalie Rangel Student McKinney High School
Cole Smith Student McKinney Boyd High School
Joaquin Vargas Student McKinney North High School
Nicholas Wesloski Student McKinney Boyd High School
Xinyu Zhang Student McKinney Boyd High School
MISD Staff
Shawn Pratt Superintendent
Julie Blankenship Director of Health Services
Daniel Buhrow Teacher Webb Elementary
Dr. Jared Critchfield Director of Fine Arts
Melvin Crosby Teacher/Athletic Coach McKinney North High School
Dr. Melinda DeFelice Deputy Superintendent
Dr. Amber Epperson Assistant Superintendent
Stacy Finney Teacher Wolford Elementary
Brandon Fisher Teacher McKinney High School
Jennifer Frazier Director of Athletics
Errin French Coordinator of Counseling
Amanda Gavin Instructional Technology Coordinator
Rhonda Gilliam Principal Malvern Elementary
Garry Gorman Senior Director of Teaching & Learning
Amanda Hamilton LMS McClure Elementary
Marlene Harbeson Chief Financial Officer
Dr. Kendra Henke Coordinator of Secondary Science
Maile Israelson Coordinator of Special Populations
Allison Jester Teacher McKinney North High School
Monica Kane Teacher Walker Elementary
Summer Lindsay Teacher Walker Elementary
Carrie Mann Teacher McKinney High School
Nici Mazzioti Instructional Coach Wolford/Walker Elementary
Marcus Mitchusson Teacher Cockrill Middle School
Nancy Morton Teacher Scott Johnson Middle School
Jan Peaden Attendance Clerk Eddins Elementary School
Melanie Raleeh Assistant Superintendent
Erica Panel Sheltered Instruction Specialist
Nathalie Sowe Teacher Slaughter Elementary School
Dr. Shelly Spaulding Assistant Superintendent
Angie Stadler Teacher Evans Middle School
Chad Teague Chief Human Resources Officer
Jeremy Tillett Teacher Dowell Middle School
Dr. Michael Winters Sr Director of Administrative Services
Dr. Dennis Womack Assistant Superintendent
Genesis Yougas Teacher Lawson Early Childhood

Action Teams

Safety and Security
Dr. Melinda DeFelice Deputy Superintendent
Jennifer Akins Action Team Leader – Senior Director of Guidance & Counseling
Melanie Machost Action Team Leader – Principal Dowell Middle School
Rusty May Action Team Leader – Senior Director of Safety and Security
Amanda Stark Parent
Lisa Garza Parent
Angela Hageman Clinic Nurse/RN McKinney High School
Tori Powell Parent
Dr. Jennifer Peirson Principal McKinney Boyd High School
Maria Hafner Principal Webb Elementary
Stephanie O’Dell School Board Trustee
Josh Greenwood Associate Principal McKinney North High School
Maria McKenzie Community Member
Christie Giddens Coordinator Student Health Services
Tonda Miller Parent
Kyle Luthi Principal Disciplinary Alternative Education Program
Donna Fitzpatrick School Nurse Evans Middle School
Teaching and Learning
Dr. Amber Epperson Assistant Superintendent
Molly Hovan Action Team Leader – Senior Director Teaching and Learning
Dr. Paula Kent Action Team Leader – Principal McKinney High School
Kristin Ellis Action Team Leader – Principal Wilmeth Elementary
Deb Beasley Community Member
Leanne Knesel Community Member
Sharon Sovereign Coordinator Elementary Math
Stacie Nickols Coordinator PK-2 RLA and SS
Lisa Witt Coordinator Secondary Social Studies
Kaitlin Christian Instructional Coach RLA McKinney High School
Amy Jacobs Teacher Slaughter Elementary
Theresa Walters Teacher Glen Oaks Elementary
Rebecca Harrison Community Member
Trey Wright Coordinator Gifted and Talented
Dr. Javetta Jones-Roberson Coordinator Gifted and Talented
Kelly Slate Coordinator Reading Language Arts
Sally Riche Coordinator Special Populations Curriculum
Lynda Swanner Coordinator Technology
Todd Young Director Career and Technology
Zabdi Gonzalez Sr Director English Learner Support
Taryne Bolton Parent
Amber Hooten Assistant Principal Wilmeth Elementary
Phyllis Tippit Community Member
Jenny McGowan Coordinator Professional Development
Irma Garcia Coordinator Secondary Math
Destiney Downing Parent
Amy Dankel School Board Trustee
Katie Lydon Teacher McClure Elementary
Kelly Daescu Teacher McKinney High School
McKinney ISD Family
Dr. Dennis Womack Assistant Superintendent
Darla Jackson Action Team Leader – Director of Human Resources
Jae Gaskill Action Team Leader – Principal McKinney North High School
Sarah Bates Assistant Principal Evans Middle School
Julie Burton Community Member
Allison Monroe Community Member
Ada Simms Community Member
Pam Atkins Community Member
Pete Samsury Community Member
Candace Wilson Coordinator Special Populations
Wendy Dutton Director Human Resources Recruitment and Retention
Zach Johnson Director Payroll and Benefits
Fara Poland Parent
Al Conley Principal Burks Elementary
Cari Owens Principal Eddins Elementary
Dr. Ebonee King Principal Valley Creek Elementary
Tiffany Scott Teacher Scott Johnson Middle School
Clete Wilson Teacher/Athletic Coach McKinney North High School
Melanie Raleeh Assistant Superintendent
Kristi Andrews Action Team Leader – Principal Glen Oaks Elementary
Holly Rogers Action Team Leader – Principal Scott Johnson Middle School
Jen Dixon Assistant Principal McKinney Boyd High School
Dr. Jessica Fair Assistant Principal Dowell Middle School
Rachel McManis Community Member
Karli Vasek Parent
Lisa Loyd Parent
Kassie Halpin Principal Bennett Elementary
Ernesto Cisneros Teacher Caldwell Elementary
Daun Griffen Teacher Scott Johnson Middle School
Nataushe Jordan Assistant Principal McKinney North High School
Ashley Guerrero Library Media Specialist
Megan Eckenrode Parent
Jenny Zornes Principal Cockrill Middle School
Inetra Nelson Principal Minshew Elementary
Katie Abel Teacher McKinney Boyd High School
Crystal Bayley Teacher McClure Elementary
Jennifer Trujillo-Jasso Teacher/Parent Slaughter Elementary
Dr. Shelly Spaulding Assistant Superintendent
Michelle Baumann Action Team Leader – Principal Walker Elementary
Aretha Jackson Action Team Leader – Senior Director of Legal Affairs
Cody Martin Assistant Principal Eddins Elementary
Kelly Armbruster Assistant Principal McKinney High School
Melissa Hernandez Assistant Principal McKinney North High School
Amanda Leader Associate Principal McKinney High School
Karla Schumacher Communications Producer
Coco Good Community Member
Malcolm Farmer Community Member
Stephanie Talley Community Member
Terrie Rattan Community Member
Karin Klemm Coordinator PE and Health
Amy Dawson Director Childcare Programs
Brenda Ross Library Media Specialist Wilmeth Elementary
Kathryn Lewis Parent
Daniel Shutka Parent
Amy Holderman Principal Frazier Elementary
Finance and Facilities
Marlene Harbeson Chief Financial Officer
Dr. David Hodum Action Team Leader -Principal Evans Middle School
Greg Suttle Action Team Leader – Chief Operations Officer
Geoff Sanderson Chief Accountability Officer
Bonnie Suttle Coordinator PEIMS
Jan Shaw Director Accounting
Carey Farmer Parent
Megan Law Teacher McClure Elementary
Alan Arbabi Community Member
Bryan Woodson Athletic Coach/Teacher Johnson Middle School
Adrienne Broyles Executive Director of Special Populations
Mitchell VandenBoom Principal Faubion Middle School
Miranda Matte Teacher Cockrill Middle School
Ronnie Hamilton Energy Manager

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