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4/8 Update - All Grab & Go meal program locations (Vega, Malvern, Webb, Finch, McNeil and Slaughter) will be open on April 10th and 27th. Learn more

School Closure to Extend Through May 1 - In light of Governor Abbott’s March 31 executive order extending closure of Texas schools, I want to inform you that MISD schools will remain closed through Friday, May 1. Learn more

McKinney ISD Digital Teaching and Learning Starts Monday, March 30! Please click the following link for important components of our digital teaching and learning plan. Learn more

For digital learning, students will access the Seesaw and Canvas platforms through the McKinney ISD SSO link

A parent support site, MISD Parent e-Learning Resources, has been created to assist families during digital learning with helpful information related to Seesaw, Canvas and other resources.

Click here to view information from the Special Populations department about the school closure.


Graduate Profile

McKinney North High School Graduation

McKinney North High School Graduation

Effective Communicator

Comprehends and expresses ideas clearly through various means and modes of communication. Effective communicators can interpret and decode meaning through varied forms including listening, reading, speaking, writing, interpreting and creating graphic images, and mathematical interpretations of symbols.

  • Technologically literate
  • Collaborative
  • Capable listener
  • Kind and respectful
  • Financially literate
  • Information literate

Socially Responsible Citizens

Understands and appreciates cultural differences, their contributions, impact and interrelatedness in a global economy. Socially responsible citizens understand the importance of being a contributing member of a democratic society in a diverse world and will make ethical decisions with the improvement of future societies in mind.

  • Ethical
  • Globally aware
  • Engaged with the community
  • Values equality and justice
  • Appreciates diversity
  • Reflective

Quality Contributor

Continually seeks to achieve quality results and outcomes through individual accountability, leadership, teamwork, and lifelong learning using multiple methods of technologies and resources. Quality contributors are creative, innovative thinkers that can solve complex problems to achieve quality results through meaningful research.

  • Critical thinker
  • Creative
  • Innovative
  • Individually accountable
  • Risk taker
  • Continuous learner