McKinney ISD

For the latest information about MISD's COVID response for the 2021-22 school year please visit our COVID-19 page in the Health Services & Wellness section of this website.


District Administration Directory

Dr. Rick McDaniel Superintendent 469-302-4070 Email
Dr. Melinda DeFelice Deputy Superintendent of Secondary Student Support and Human Resources 469-302-4130 Email
Jason Bird Deputy Superintendent of Business, Operations, Accountability and Technology 469-302-4131 Email
Suzy Woodard Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Student Support 469-302-4187 Email
Shawn Pratt Assistant Superintendent of Student Activities, Health and Safety 469-302-7735 Email
Cody Cunningham Chief Communications Officer 469-302-4095 Email
Geoff Sanderson Chief Accountability Officer 469-302-4023 Email
David Spann Chief Information Officer 469-302-4081 Email
Marlene Harbeson Chief Financial Officer 469-302-4008 Email
Greg Suttle Chief Operations Officer 469-302-4113 Email
Dr. Dan White Director of Fine Arts 469-302-4093 Email
Jennifer Frazier Director of Athletics 469-302-4119 Email