Facilities Directory

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Office Location:

#1 Duvall Street
McKinney, Texas 75069

Office Phone:


Office Fax:


Department Hours:

8:00 am - 4:15 pm

Maintenance 24 Hour Emergency Hotline: 469-446-1824

Greg Suttle Chief Operations Officer 469-302-4113 Email
Justin Price Director of Maintenance 469-302-4284 Email
Corey Gililland Director of Construction 469-302-4142 Email
Ronnie Hamilton Energy Manager 469-302-4143 Email
Floyd Kinkaid Project Manager 469-302-4221 Email
Pam Green Energy Secretary 469-302-4086 Email
Vonna Van de Veer Office Manager 469-302-4110 Email
Lisa Sizemore Leasing Manager 469-302-4098 Email
Erica Wright Custodial Director 972-529-1428 Email
Aaron Long Facilities Manager (Elementary) 469-302-4283 Email
Joel Woolford Facilities Manager (Secondary) 469-302-4296 Email
Devin Faggart Project Manager 469-302-4203 Email
Luke Prater Project Manager 469-302-4097 Email
Emily Graham Maintenance Office Manager 469-302-4280 Email
David Caplinger Warehouse Manager 469-302-4288 Email
Corinne Whiting Maintenance Support 469-302-4295 Email
Mike DeBusk Energy Management Tech 469-302-4221 Email