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MISD Teachers of the Year Drive Into Summer in New Silverados Courtesy of El Dorado Chevrolet

Press Release|
Shane Mauldin|
Thursday, May 25, 2023

McKinney, Texas – For the 10th consecutive year, the McKinney ISD Elementary and Secondary Teacher of the Year are driving off into the summer sun behind the wheel of a brand new vehicle, courtesy of El Dorado Chevrolet and Mazda of McKinney.

And, there are few things that go together better than summer and new cars, or in this case…new trucks, as El Dorado rolled out Texas Edition Chevy Silverados for the two teachers.

Group shot in front of trucks and dealership

(l-r, front row) El Dorado General Sales Manager Jas Gill; Scott Johnson Middle School Principal Holly Rogers; MISD Secondary Teacher of the Year Daun Griffen; MISD Elementary Teacher of the Year Genesis Yougas; Partners in Education Director Nancy Cowlishaw; Assistant Superintendent of Teaching, Learning and Accountability Melanie Raleeh; Assistant Superintendent of Communications Shelly Spaulding; (l-r, back row) Chevy Sales Manager Rusty McDonald; Assistant Superintendent of Strategic Processes and Community Engagement Gordon Butler; Superintendent Shawn Pratt; Pre-Owned Inventory Manager Gary Wilkerson; Lawson Early Childhood School Principal Susie Towber

“So, as usual as we do each year, we have the secondary and [elementary] Teachers of the Year getting brand new cars today,” said General Sales Manager Jas Gill. “It continues the commitment that we have for the teachers in McKinney that do so much for our children.”

MISD Secondary Teacher of the Year Daun Griffen from Scott Johnson Middle School and MISD Elementary Teacher of the Year Genesis Yougas from Lawson Early Childhood School, were all smiles as they each climbed behind the wheel of a beautiful, new Chevy pickup truck—Yougas’ in silver and Griffen’s in dark blue. They’ll drive them free of charge for the next year thanks to the generosity of El Dorado in a tradition that has now stretched into a decade.

Griffen sitting in truck smiling at camera

MISD Secondary Teacher of the Year Daun Griffen from Scott Johnson Middle School

Griffen and Yougas were joined by family members, campus principals, Superintendent Shawn Pratt and McKinney ISD officials who looked on with smiles as the keys were handed over.

“This is a big blessing,” said Yougas. “El Dorado went above and beyond and went out of their way. They’ve made me and my family feel very comfortable when we’ve come up here, and it’s been amazing that El Dorado does this for us. I’m overjoyed at the outpouring of love and that the community gets together and does so much for teachers.”

Yougas sitting in truck smiling at camera

MISD Elementary Teacher of the Year Genesis Yougas from Lawson Early Childhood School

Sitting behind the wheel of her Silverado, Griffen echoed Yougas’ sentiment. “I think it’s a very fine gesture,” she said, “because no one has to do anything for you in life, so for El Dorado to make such a very big gesture in saying thank you is greatly appreciated.”

With school wrapping up, Griffen and Yougas will have at least a little more time in their schedules to enjoy hitting the road in their new wheels.

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