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McKinney High School JROTC Cadet Commander Attends Summer National Intelligence Academy with an Eye to the Future

Press Release|
Shane Mauldin|
Friday, August 18, 2023
McKinney High School Marine Corps JROTC Cadet Commander Campbell Chase

McKinney High School Marine Corps JROTC Cadet Commander Campbell Chase

McKinney, TX — Campbell Chase, a McKinney High School senior and Cadet Commander of the MHS Marine Corps JROTC unit, was one of only 47 students from six states selected to attend the National Intelligence Summer Academy held in July at the University of North Georgia—the Military College of Georgia. Campbell was the lone participant from Texas.

The prestigious weeklong academy brought together promising high school students who aspire to careers in strategic intelligence and national security and gave them the opportunity to interact with and learn from veterans of the field. Speakers included retired and active representatives from the National Security Agency, CIA, FBI, military intelligence and the former Soviet KGB.

Having grown up in a military family, Campbell has had her sights set on a military and intelligence career for some time, and her previous two years in the MHS MCJROTC program have helped to lay a strong foundation.

When Campbell arrived at MHS as a freshman, it was the latest in a series of moves for the daughter of a military man. “I was brought up like that, multiple family members who have been in the military,” she said. “My sophomore year, I had friends in the [JROTC] program, and when I saw the camaraderie they had and the bond—and being someone who was new, who had just moved again as I had done so many times before—I was the new kid again. I found a family [in JROTC], and I just bonded with them, and those are my people now. I found a home in JROTC, and a good crowd. People talk about, ‘Hey, you’ve got to get with the right crowd.’ Some kids struggle with that. I found it immediately.”

Campbell’s commitment and leadership ability quickly emerged.

“She has maturity, a desire to lead and growth potential,” said MCJROTC Senior Marine Instructor CWO-3 Ron McPhatter. “It’s very rare that we would ever have a commander with only two years under her belt, but she has passed by some of our other cadets.”

Campbell found the summer academy online, applied and was chosen to attend. The week of learning only reinforced Campbell’s desire to serve in the military through the Defense Intelligence Agency or outside the military in the CIA.

“[The academy] was great. It was run by people who…all they wanted to do was come and share what they are passionate about to young adults and nurture those young minds. They definitely nurtured my mind. And, I found a love for the University of Northern Georgia. What they have up there is really impressive.”

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