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Legacy Matters – Nana Hill, Vega Elementary (Video)

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Karla Schumacher|
Friday, October 21, 2022

Legacy Matters — Nana Hill, Vega Elementary (McKinney ISD Media/Oct. 21, 2022)

McKinney, Texas — “As long as I’m passionate about it and care about it and do my very best, then if McKinney keeps me, I’ll stay.”

McKinney ISD has “kept” Nana Hill for 43 years, and this school year marks the beginning of her 50th year as an educator.

With a reputation for being “firm but fair,” this reserved and respected elementary teacher has impacted countless students and colleagues. Her daughter, Devin, describes Nana as one in a million: “there’s not another Nana Hill in this world, and there never will be.”

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