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McKinney ISD School Board Summary for the January 22 Meeting (Video)

Karla Schumacher|
Wednesday, January 24, 2024

McKinney ISD School Board Summary for the January 22 Meeting (McKinney ISD Media/Jan 23, 2024)

McKinney, TX — McKinney ISD’s Board of Trustees first meeting of 2024 is in the books, and I want to share with you a few highlights from our January meeting.

We started the meeting with celebrations and recognitions.

In honor of School Board Appreciation month, Superintendent Pratt shared a video that acknowledged the service of our 7 board members.

Next, we honored the “We Are McKinney” Superintendent award winners. This month’s winners included:

  • Jasmine Luna, who is a Bilingual Kindergarten teacher at Finch Elementary, and
  • Nancy Pavelock, who is an English teacher at Evans Middle School.

Then we honored our hard-working Paraprofessionals of the Month. This month we recognized:

  • Silvia Key, the office clerk from McGowen Elementary,
  • Susan Jakobsen, the attendance clerk from Bennett Elementary, and
  • Lori Bergeron, the attendance clerk at Dowell Middle School.

Next we recognized the “Every Student, Every Day” award winners. This month we celebrated:

  • Nolan Powell from Walker Elementary,
  • Zane Lockhart from Scott Johnson Middle School, and
  • Daniel Smith from McKinney Boyd High School.

Then we honored the Secondary Academic Excellence Award winners, which included:

  • our College Board National African American Recognition Program Honorees,
  • our College Board National Hispanic Recognition Program Honorees,
  • our College Board National Indigenous Recognition Program Honorees,
  • our National Merit Commended Scholars,
  • our National Merit Semifinalists,
  • our National AP “Honor Roll” Schools,
  • as well as the NAGC Special Populations “Dr. Marcia L. Gentry” Early Career Award, which was presented to our Coordinator of Secondary Advanced Academics & Gifted & Talented, Dr. Javetta Jones-Roberson.

Next we recognized the Faubion Middle School Honors Orchestra who attended the prestigious MidWest Clinic last year.

Then we celebrated three different awards that our Finance Department recently received:

  • the Texas Association of School Business Officials, or TASBO, Award of Merit Purchasing Operations,
  • the TASBO’s Award of Excellence in Financial Management, and
  • the Association of School Business Officials International Meritorious Budget Award.

Congratulations to our Business Services Group for all their hard work and effort.

Following our celebrations and recognitions, the school board approved two personnel recommendations. The first was Brynn Riley. Brynn was named the Senior Director of Special Populations. She brings more than 24 years of experience into her new role, and we are excited for her return to McKinney ISD.

The second personnel recommendation was Nate Leonard. Nate was named McKinney High School’s new football coach. Coach Leonard is an alumni of McKinney High School and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his new role. We are excited for his return home to McKinney High School.

Next, Rusty May, Senior Director of Safety and Security, and Lucas Henry, Attorney, presented facts on what took place during the February 28th, 2023, McClure Elementary transportation event.

The district maintains its commitment to transparency with its stakeholders.

Mr. May also reported on the Intruder Detection Audit Report findings.

The 2024 McKinney ISD Strategic Plan was presented to the school board.
Dr. Jenny Preston, N2 Learning Associate, shared an overview of the strategic planning process. Molly Hovan, Senior Director of Teaching and Learning and Kristi Andrews, Principal of Glen Oaks, shared their experiences through the strategic planning process as action team leaders. Melanie Raleeh, Assistant Superintendent, explained that the strategic plan will be our guide for the next 3 to 5 school years. She went on to outline the six pillars, objectives, strategies, and specific results expected. She also outlined the next steps in the process to implement the McKinney ISD vision. The school board voted unanimously to approve the strategic plan as presented and are looking forward to the next steps of implementation.

Next on the agenda, the board approved the Superintendent’s contract and thanked Superintendent Pratt for his work over the last 9 months.

Then Marlene Harbeson, Chief Financial Officer, shared an update on Enterprise Resource Planning and K thru 12 Student Information System. Her recommendation was for the district to move towards the Skyward platform, and the board unanimously approved the recommendation.

Those are the highlights from this month’s meeting. If you would like more details on anything covered in our meeting, please click on the link to view the session in its entirety.

Thank you for watching, and we look forward to bringing you the highlights from our next board meeting on February 26th.

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