The track at Scott Johnson Middle School will be closed for the summer for maintenance. It will reopen at the beginning of the school year.


Practical Parent Education

PPE is an intervention and prevention program designed to address many critical family and child development issues before and during crisis moments/mental health issues. Research shows when parents are emotionally healthy and have age appropriate communication and discipline skills, children’s mental health is better.

These core parenting skills increase a parent’s ability to effectively communicate, understand developmental issues, provide positive discipline and relate to their child in a more affirming manner their child feels understood, validated, encouraged and supported on all levels. This acceptance and encouragement from parents helps a child develop a healthy self-esteem and is less likely to struggle with identity issues, loss of self-worth, and depression. The child who is disciplined in a positive manner is less likely to have anxiety issues as well as confidence issues.

PPE also addresses academic mental health issues such as drug abuse, ADD/ADHD, suicide and bullying prevention, anger issues and social skill development. When such issues are addressed and corrected, the child is more likely to remain in school and learn the content of the classroom and develop healthy bonding relationships with others.

For more information please download the 2017 Practical Parent Schedule.

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