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For the latest information about MISD's COVID response for the 2021-22 school year please visit our COVID-19 page in the Health Services & Wellness section of this website.

2021-22 Calendar



2021-22 Calendar

On November 17, the McKinney ISD Board of Trustees adopted the 2021-22 calendar. This calendar includes an August 12 start date. The 2021-22 school year will end on May 20, 2022. Click here to download the 2021-22 academic calendar.

Substitute Teachers

Substitute Teachers

MISD is hiring substitute teachers for the 2021-22 school year. Every year we replenish our pool of subs who received full-time positions, moved away or retired. The pay range is $90-$110 a day. Apply today!

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    Connections Matter

  • In McKinney ISD, we believe that connections matter.

    The most powerful moments in education happen when students connect with a teacher as they learn together in the classroom, when they share a kind word in the hallway or strive toward a common goal on the field of competition. These connections have the power to impact a student for a lifetime.

  • Connections matter before class begins.

    A simple smile and a kind word between a teacher and a student can change the course of the entire day.

  • Connections matter on the football field.

    Few people impact the lives of as many students as coaches do. The connections they form with players inspire character, camaraderie and confidence.

  • Connections matter on the first day.

    The first day of school is an exhilarating time for students, parents and teachers, a time of new beginnings and opportunities to form life-long connections.

  • Connections matter as students find their passion.

    In McKinney ISD students are encouraged to explore and grow their interests whether it be in Science, Art, Literature or even Aviation (we have an excellent student pilot program). With MISD, students get to make these important connections that allow them to pursue their dreams.