McKinney ISD


Summer Reading

Please Note: The summer readings lists for 2018 will be posted in late May.

During the school year, McKinney ISD asks secondary students to read a minimum of 120 minutes per week. With this in mind, and in an effort to promote a passion for reading, McKinney ISD recommends that students continue to read over the summer months, and at a minimum, we recommend reading at least 4-5 books they find interesting. Students could use their “Read-In Day” book list to begin planning for their summer reads.

Independent reading has many benefits: Support student’s growth, Improves vocabulary, Improves comprehension, Improves test scores, Improves writing skills

As a district, McKinney ISD embraces the life-long love of reading; it is our goal to instill this love in our students. We also recommend that as a parent/guardian, you read along with your child, so you can discuss the books they read.

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