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4/8 Update - All Grab & Go meal program locations (Vega, Malvern, Webb, Finch, McNeil and Slaughter) will be open on April 10th and 27th. Learn more

School Closure to Extend Through May 1 - In light of Governor Abbott’s March 31 executive order extending closure of Texas schools, I want to inform you that MISD schools will remain closed through Friday, May 1. Learn more

McKinney ISD Digital Teaching and Learning Starts Monday, March 30! Please click the following link for important components of our digital teaching and learning plan. Learn more

For digital learning, students will access the Seesaw and Canvas platforms through the McKinney ISD SSO link

A parent support site, MISD Parent e-Learning Resources, has been created to assist families during digital learning with helpful information related to Seesaw, Canvas and other resources.

Click here to view information from the Special Populations department about the school closure.


Bid Categories

Bid Category Bid Number Expiration
Athletics Equipment, Supplies and Uniforms RFP2016-532 (EXT 2 OF 3) 4/27/19
Auto Parts, Supplies, Services and Repairs RFP2015-527 (EXT 2 OF 3) 11/18/18
Books – Library, Periodicals, Publications, Subscriptions, Reference Books, Miscellaneous Books and Supplies RFP2016-533 (EXT 2 OF 3) 5/25/19
Chartered Transportation Services RFP68-15 Garland ISD 5/31/18
Coffee and Water Service RFP2016-537 (EXT 1 OF 3) 8/24/18
Custodial Services RFP2017-546 6/30/23
Custom Apparel and Embroidery RFP2015-519 (EXT 3 OF 3) 5/27/19
Demographic Consulting Services CSP2013-505 (EXT 4 OF 5) 9/30/18
Depository Services RFP2015-517 (EXT 1 OF 2) 6/30/19
Fine Arts-Band, Choir Music Orchestra and Theater Equipment Supplies and Apparel RFP2015-525 (EXT 2 OF 3) 9/23/18
Food Service Management RFP2015-516 (EXT 3 OF 4) 6/30/19
Furniture RFP2017-544 12/20/18
General Maintenance Repairs, Services and Supplies RFP2015-518 (EXT 3 OF 3) 3/25/19
Grounds Equipment and Supplies RFP2014-512 (EXT 4 OF 5) 6/25/19
Local Retail Stores, Grocery Stores and Restaurants RFP2012-489 (FINAL EXT) 4/25/18
Playground – Parks and Recreation Equipment, Field Lighting Products and Installation 512-16 BuyBoard (Call Purchasing x4009) 9/30/19
Printing and Photocopying Services RFP2015-524 (EXT 2 OF 3) 8/26/18
Property Casualty Insurance RFP2017-543 5/6/19
Property Lease 80.187 + Acres RFP2012-493 (FINAL EXT) 7/1/18
Property Lease – 35 Acres RFP2015-523 (EXT 2 OF 3) 9/1/18
Property Lease 40 Acres RFP2012-494 (FINAL EXT) 7/1/18
Property Lease 96.5807 Acres RFP2015-520 (EXT 2 OF 3) 6/1/18
Retail Electric Provider RFP2009-453 (FINAL EXT) 12/31/18
Science Equipment and Supplies RFP2013-498 (EXT 5 OF 5) 2/27/19
Soft Drink Vending Service RFP2015-521 6/30/20
Sponsorship Marketing Services RFQ2016-536 1/25/19
Sports Branding – Professional Design Firm RFQ2016-541 (EXT 1 OF 3) 1/25/19
Student and Athletic Accident Insurance RFP2016-534 (EXT 1 OF 2) 8/1/18
Student Transportation RFP2016-539 6/30/22
Supply of Electricity RFP2015-530 6/30/25
Technology Products and Services RFP2014-507 (EXT 4 OF 5) 3/26/19
Voluntary Employee Benefits RFP2017-545 8/31/19

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