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MISD Celebrates Mentors, Business Partners and Volunteers

Press Release|
Shane Mauldin|
Wednesday, May 22, 2019
McKinney ISD Superintendent Dr. Rick McDaniel presents the Joellyn Smith Volunteer of the Year Award to Keith Menard at the Volunteers in Public Schools Appreciation Luncheon held Tuesday, April 30, 2019, at the McKinney ISD Community Event Center.

McKinney ISD Superintendent Dr. Rick McDaniel presents the Joellyn Smith Volunteer of the Year Award to Keith Menard at the Volunteers in Public Schools Appreciation Luncheon held Tuesday, April 30, 2019, at the McKinney ISD Community Event Center.

McKinney, Texas – Nancy Cowlishaw has a heart for kids.

It’s what led her to start McKinney ISD’s REACH mentoring program 12 years ago, and as the leader of the district’s Partners in Education program, it’s what drives her forward each day as she connects with local businesses and volunteers to forge partnerships that, ultimately, benefit students.

It’s also what inspired her to organize the Volunteers in Public Schools Appreciation Luncheon—now in its 11th year—to honor those mentors, business partners and volunteers who help MISD accomplish its mission.

In her distinctly Texan timbre, Cowlishaw addressed the audience at the annual luncheon on Tuesday, April 30 at the MISD Community Event Center. “This year the MISD REACH mentoring program celebrated 12 years in January,” she said with a smile. “The REACH mentoring program continues to impact the lives of many students because of individuals that dedicate their time to one child.”

REACH volunteers mentor one student all the way to graduation. For some mentors, it’s an investment that begins in elementary school; others come to the program later in their student’s academic journey.

at podium

Nancy Cowlishaw leads McKinney ISD’s Partners in Education Department and each year organizes the Volunteers in Public Schools Appreciation Luncheon.

Either way, the positive impact that REACH mentors impart is difficult to overstate. They change the trajectory of children’s lives. Currently, about 300 MISD students are served through the REACH program.

“I believe educating a child is a community project,” Cowlishaw said after the luncheon. “Mentors come in and change the path of a student—or several students—who maybe need somebody else to encourage them. Without our mentors, there are students in our district who wouldn’t have excelled the way that they did, who wouldn’t have known their potential or maybe even understood that they could be successful in school.”

Each year, mentors with graduating seniors are recognized with the REACH Star Award to celebrate the milestone.

2019 Star Award Recipients
Millie Abbott
Valinda Bruce
Pete Lemery
Steven Leonard
Amanda Skelte
Julie Smith
Taylor Symmank
Diana Wright

Mentors who have served for 10 years also receive recognition with the REACH 10 Year Award.

REACH 10 Year Award Recipients
Valinda Bruce
Thomas Brumett
Mary Cox
Michael Dodson
Lori Hendley
Karen Miller
Gail Pond
Phillip Pond
Linda Pratt

at podium

Dr. Sherrika Sanders, senior technical engineer with Manner Polymers, was the keynote speaker at the Volunteers in Public Schools Appreciation Luncheon and shared her inspiring academic journey while emphasizing the important role that mentors play in the lives of children.

Dr. Sherrika Sanders, senior technical engineer with Manner Polymers, was the keynote speaker at the luncheon and told of her inspiring academic journey that led to groundbreaking work in the NASA shuttle program and her continuing efforts to provide mentorship and opportunities for students. “I thank you all—business partners, parents, teachers and mentors for helping our students become successful students and graduates and college attendees,” Sanders said. “I cannot tell you how important you are in their lives.”

In addition to REACH mentors, volunteers are an invaluable resource to MISD campuses. Each year, Partners in Education honors one volunteer as the Joellyn Smith Volunteer of the Year in honor of Joellyn Smith, who set the standard for dedication to students through countless hours of volunteer service on MISD campuses.

2019 Joellyn Smith Volunteer of the Year
Keith Menard

2019 Joellyn Smith Volunteer of the Year Nominees
Tiffany Blackwood
Rosemary Chase
Lidia Gonzalez
Janette Johanson
Jenny Law
Beverly Rodgers
Lana Van Deusen

Local businesses play a vital role in bringing volunteers and resources to campuses all across the district, and each year the district recognizes the district’s Top 10 Business Partners.

McKinney ISD 2019 Top 10 Business Partners

Group photo on stage

Credit Union of Texas

Credit Union of Texas
A Founding Advertising Partner for the MISD Stadium, Professional Development Sponsor, Project Graduation Sponsor, Sponsor for the MISD Crepe Myrtle Trail Mother’s Day Program, New Teacher Breakfast Supporter, PTA Sponsor

Group photo on stage

Baylor Scott & White Medical Center McKinney

Baylor Scott & White Medical Center McKinney
MISD CTE Health Advisory Council Partner, A Founding Advertising Partner for the MISD Stadium, Offers Practicums for MISD Certified Nurse Assistant Program, Provides Health Fairs, Main Sponsor for New Teacher Breakfast

Group photo on stage


Presentations at Campuses about Electricity, MEF Scholarships and Classroom Grants, Donations to MISD Partners in Education Dept. to Support Various MISD Programs and Campuses, Backpack Bags for MISD Career Job Fair, Backpack Bags and Clip Lights for Adult Senior Tour, Adopted Burks Elementary—Built a Ga-Ga Pit, Electric Pencil Sharpers for all Classrooms, Teacher Appreciation Baskets, Laminator, Poster Machine, Headphones for all Students at Burks, Die Cut Machine

Photo on stage with Dr. McDaniel

Eldorado Chevrolet and Mazda of McKinney

Eldorado Chevrolet and Mazda of McKinney
Provided Two MISD District Teachers of the Year with Cars to Drive Free of Charge for One Year, Maintain Heavy Duty 1-Ton Truck they Donated to FFA, Donated Car for Project Graduation Drawing, Billboard Advertisements Promoting MISD, Various MISD Program Sponsorships, Athletic Dept. Support

group photo on stage


Emerson Pressure Management
MISD CTE Advisory Councils, Supports and Sponsors STEM Programs, Provides Judges for Science Fairs, Provides Volunteers for STEM Projects, MEF Scholarships, Provided Resources to Print 3D Parts for Projects Competing at State TSA Competition

group photo on stage

First United Bank of McKinney

First United Bank of McKinney
Summer Professional Development Sponsor, Provided Time During Work Day for Employee to Serve as a REACH Mentor, MISD CTE Financial Literacy Advisory Council Partner, Provided Judges for Science Fairs, Classroom Presentations

Group photo on stage

Globe Life

Globe Life
Hosted Career Job Fair for AVID Students, Large School Supply Donations, Encourages Employees to Serve as REACH Mentors

group photo on stage

Manner Polymers

Manner Polymers McKinney
Sponsor for an MISD Campus Communities in Schools Staff Member for at Least 5 Years, Encourages Staff Members to Partner with MISD to Inspire Students to Excel in School and the Sciences

group photo on stage

Randolph Brooks Credit Union of McKinney

Randolph Brooks Credit Union of McKinney
Donated to Support Annual Senior Adult Tour, Sponsored Region 10 Newcomers Day, ESL Parent Night Sponsor, Professional Development Sponsor, Donation to MISD Partners in Education, PTA Sponsor for District-wide Poetry Contest

group photo on stage


Provided Judges for Science Fairs, MISD CTE Engineering Advisory Council Partner, Campus Snack Drive, Donated Notebooks, Hosted a Day at Raytheon for National Engineering Week, LASER Program, Included 5 Engineering Students in Designing Prosthetic Hand for a Patient at Scottish Rite Hospital

This year, Partners in Education recognized 24-Hour Fitness with a special award for bringing in more volunteers than any other Business Partner.

In addition to recognizing the Business Partners who have worked specifically with their school, the principal from each MISD campus had the opportunity to honor their school’s top volunteers for 2019.

Lawson Early Childhood School
Volunteer—Joann Pond
Volunteer—Marcela Mora
Volunteer—Mary Lucy Camarena
Business—St. Gabriel the Archangel Catholic Community Church

Bennett Elementary School
Volunteer—Nicole Herring
Volunteer—Michelle Thorness
Volunteer—Melissa Webb
Business—Big Kahuna Fundraiser

Burks Elementary School
Volunteer—Joan Cotter
Volunteer—Fr. Andrew Van Kirk
Volunteer—Sandra Johnson
Business—Jason’s Deli

Caldwell Elementary School
Volunteer—Randy Wilson
Volunteer—Laura Cornstubble
Volunteer—Tom Knapik
Business—Baptist Immigration Center

Eddins Elementary School
Volunteer—Rebecca Scott
Volunteer—Jenni Webb
Volunteer—Marie Robertson
Business—Sign Gypsies

Finch Elementary School
Volunteer—Marsha Rossell
Volunteer—Rebeca Obregon
Volunteer—Maribel Hernandez
Business—First Baptist McKinney

Glen Oaks Elementary School
Volunteer—Carly Jackson
Volunteer—Stefanie Lewis
Volunteer—Terrie Doolittle

Reuben Johnson Elementary School
Volunteer—Kimberly Nerpel
Volunteer—Mary Jo Holloway
Volunteer—Jenny Law
Business—MP Orthodontics

Malvern Elementary School
Volunteer—Jean Fullerton
Volunteer—Rebecca Neeley
Volunteer—April Walker
Business—Panda Express

McClure Elementary School
Volunteer—Cindy Davis
Volunteer—Pamela Claro de Oliveira
Volunteer—Lana Van Deusen
Business—Striker Roofing & Construction

McGowen Elementary School
Volunteer—Heather Hourigan
Volunteer—Martha Villamil Davila
Volunteer—Anne Smith

McNeil Elementary School
Volunteer—Joy Anderson
Volunteer—Patricia Gardner
Volunteer—Mary Ferguson

Minshew Elementary School
Volunteer—Jen Zaccarella
Volunteer—Nikki Moore-Henderson
Volunteer—Joyce Mills
Business—Cherry Berry

Press Elementary School
Volunteer—Monica Sule
Volunteer—Karen Liddy
Volunteer—Jerie Dess
Business—Texas Metal Construction LLC

Slaughter Elementary School
Volunteer—Tiffany Moore
Volunteer—Meg King
Volunteer—Terrilee Schober

Valley Creek Elementary School
Volunteer—Meredith Price
Volunteer—Lauren Van Allen
Volunteer—Jennifer Lukowsky
Business—Cleaning Force

Vega Elementary School
Volunteer—Aleshia Ruehl
Volunteer—Daniel and Meredith Saunders
Volunteer—Jennifer Range

Walker Elementary School
Volunteer—Jennifer Taherzadeh
Volunteer—Nicole Saleemi
Volunteer—Lauren Brown
Business—Supreme Lending

Webb Elementary School
Volunteer—Abbey Cramer
Volunteer—Stacey Apple
Volunteer—Cody Davidson
Business—The Bike Club

Wilmeth Elementary School
Volunteer—Jessica Hurtado
Volunteer—Megan Beckley
Volunteer—Janette Johanson
Business—The Brooks Team, RE/MAX Four Corners

Wolford Elementary School
Volunteer—Nancy Jennings
Volunteer—Erica Jones
Volunteer—Melissa Pressley

Cockrill Middle School
Volunteer—Stacy Powell
Volunteer—Jerry Matthews
Volunteer—Tiffany Blackwood
Business—Community Education Outreach

Dowell Middle School
Volunteer—Joy Anderson
Volunteer—Jennifer Meza
Volunteer—Jack Noteware
Business—Tag Along Tags

Evans Middle School
Volunteer—Julie Luton
Volunteer—Beth Drennan
Volunteer—Mike Cekinovich
Business—Benny’s Bagels

Faubion Middle School
Volunteer—Kristen Barnes
Volunteer—Kellen Hong
Volunteer—Cynthia Zimmerman
Business—Community Education Outreach McKinney

Scott Johnson Middle School
Volunteer—Juli Smith
Volunteer—Bobby Lakey
Volunteer—Rosemary Chase
Business—The Brooks Team, RE/MAX Four Corners

McKinney Boyd High School
Volunteer—Diane Day
Volunteer—Dindra McFadden
Volunteer—Daryl and Christi Livingston

McKinney High School
Volunteer—Marsha Harvey
Volunteer—Kim La Londe
Volunteer—Juanita Boyd
Business—El Dorado Chevrolet and Mazda

McKinney North High School
Volunteer—Don Newsom
Volunteer—Becky Burton
Volunteer—Jennifer Rodriguez

Volunteer—Aaron Snell
Volunteer—Holly Snell
Volunteer—Ally Parker
Business—The Parks Church

Serenity High
Volunteer—Neil Sperry
Volunteer—Lynn Sperry
Volunteer—Dr. Thomas Brumett
Business—Crosspoint Church

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