Mask Mandate Won’t Diminish Excitement About MISD Return to Campus

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Shane Mauldin|
Wednesday, September 2, 2020
McKinney ISD will welcome students who have opted for in-person learning back to campus on Thursday, September 3.

McKinney ISD will welcome students who have opted for in-person learning back to campus on Thursday, September 3.

McKinney, Texas – When McKinney ISD students—who have opted to do so—return to on-campus learning on Thursday, September 3, teachers and staff will once again enjoy the long-anticipated opportunity to engage kids in-person, and the district is thrilled to welcome students back to the classroom.

It is a day that MISD has looked forward to since March.

As the district begins a new chapter in the COVID-19 saga, the question of masks will be on the minds of many MISD parents and students. The district understands and respects that there are differing views among parents and the broader community regarding the use of masks.

But, regardless of personal views, MISD is bound first and foremost, to obey the legal requirements mandated by the state. In light of that, the district has in place a mask policy that complies with Gov. Abbott’s executive order.

All MISD teachers and staff will wear a mask throughout the school day, per the governor’s order. A teacher may use only a face shield for short periods of time for specific educational purposes. Students 10 years old and older will wear masks throughout the school day, and students will be socially distanced in the classroom and during lunch to the extent possible. Students under 10 are not required to wear masks but are encouraged to do so. Parents should contact the campus if their child has a medical exception that would preclude wearing a mask.

MISD says that complying with the state’s mask mandate won’t diminish the experience of students returning to campus. “Districts across the state that have started in-person learning are reporting that, despite a few new safety measures, students aren’t any less engaged or excited to be back in school,” says MISD Chief Communications and Support Services Officer Cody Cunningham. “They are excited to be among friends, and they understand that you can follow safety protocols and still enjoy learning, social interaction and student activities, in spite of the state’s mask mandate.”

The district has regularly updated MISD COVID-19 data available on the MISD COVID-19 Dashboard.

MISD, like the rest of the community, eagerly awaits the day that COVID-19 and face masks are no longer an issue. Until then, the district will follow the requirements from the state—while making the most of the opportunity to engage our students in person once again.

“I don’t think anyone gets excited about wearing a mask,” says Cunningham, “but the feedback is that after the first day or two of school, students settle in and it’s really not an issue. If a student has a medical exception, then we certainly accommodate that request. Students, parents and staff have been more than cooperative, and I think that any inconvenience of wearing a mask is outweighed by the excitement to return to a regular routine, see friends and engage in the activities they enjoy at school.”

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