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A Small Act of Kindness: Warm Fuzzies at Walker

Press Release|
Shane Mauldin|
Wednesday, November 11, 2020
Walker second grader Ariana Chilcoat loves crafting "warm fuzzies," so she decided to make them for all of her classmates.

Walker second grader Ariana Chilcoat loves crafting "warm fuzzies," so she decided to make them for all of her classmates.

McKinney, Texas – It’s pretty remarkable what a few bits of yarn and some glued on googly eyes can do.

For Erian Shinn’s second grade class at Walker Elementary, they just made everybody feel…happy. And, it was simply the result of one kid’s kindness.

Ariana Chilcoat loves to make the small, colorful puffballs that she calls “warm fuzzies.” And, she crafts each one uniquely for each recipient. At the end of October, she surveyed her classmates and jotted down some notes that would help her craft the perfect fuzzy for each of them. Then she showed up last Friday with an armful of the colorful critters.

at desk, holding out fuzzies

Paxtyn, one of Ariana’s classmates, holds two of the warm fuzzies that Ariana made for her.

“It all started with Olivia when she asked for one,” explained Ariana. “So, I made her one, and everyone else wanted one, so I made them some. I just hoped they would like them.”

In fact, they loved them.

“I just thought it was so special that she made everybody a different one,” said Shinn. “When she brought them in, she was so excited to share them with everybody and give them their own special one. It was really neat.”

close up of two warm fuzzies in hands

Each “warm fuzzy” that Ariana creates is unique.

For Melony Chilcoat, watching her daughter put others first was a moving experience. “I have to say it just makes my heart melt to see my daughter spread happiness to others through this small act of creativity that is all her own,” she said. “While she works very diligently after school and on weekends to create these little ‘tokens’ of friendship and affirmation, it is obvious that it genuinely brings her a lot of joy too!”

And, as it always does, the simple act of kindness on the part of one kid, has gotten other kids thinking…

“It makes me want to do awesome things, too,” said Ariana’s classmate Landon. “Then the other kids would do it. Then it could spread to the whole entire world.”

And, with 2020 not quite in our rear view mirror, the idea of kindness spreading around the world…sounds pretty great.

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