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McKinney ISD Board of Trustees: “The Places You Have Been” (Video)

Shane Mauldin|
Wednesday, January 23, 2019

McKinney ISD Board Vice-President Amy Dankel soars over McKinney ISD aboard an airplane built by students!

McKinney, Texas – Walk into any campus in McKinney ISD at any given time, and there’s a good chance that you may run into one of the members of the MISD Board of Trustees. Whether they are stopping by to check in with a student they mentor, reading to a class full of kindergarten students or teaching middle school kids how to tie a necktie, the MISD Board members are regularly out and about and among the staff and students that they are responsible for.

January is designated each year as School Board Recognition Month by the Texas Association of School Boards (TASB), and it provides a great opportunity to celebrate board members and thank them for their leadership and commitment to the entire MISD community.

The job bears tremendous responsibility. Trustees’ decisions impact the lives of close to 25,000 students and their families. There’s no salary for any of this, and their work is done on their own time.

They are elected by the general public to serve for overlapping terms of four years each, and elections for board seats are conducted annually each May. The candidates run for specific places on the board (Place 1, Place 2, etc.), but they represent McKinney ISD as a whole. Once elections are finalized, the Board elects a president, vice-president and secretary for one-year terms.

Board members are responsible for providing the best educational opportunity possible for the students in McKinney ISD and for making all final decisions regarding school district priorities, policies, personnel, textbooks, expenditures and growth management.

They are responsible for adopting a budget that will properly maintain and operate all schools in the district, levying taxes to support the budget and determining and submitting bond issues to the voting citizens of McKinney regarding the need to finance specific construction projects.

It’s a labor of love. And, they keep doing it because they believe in our students and are determined to ensure that each of them has every opportunity to walk across the stage at graduation prepared for what lies ahead.

So, thank you, MISD Board members. For everything you do for our students, staff and the community.

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