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Students who have the support of family and friends with academics tend to be more successful in school. When a child needs help with homework assignments and take home projects, it is an opportunity for an adult to be a part of a child’s educational growth.

Becoming a volunteer with the McKinney Independent School District is as easy as a click of the mouse on your computer. Potential volunteers can register to become a volunteer by simply completing the MISD on-line volunteer application. Volunteers are needed in the district for tutoring, mentoring and field trips.

Volunteers who work with MISD student groups and organizations will also need to complete a volunteer application. These groups include, but are not limited to, PTA or PTO organizations, cheerleading squads, dance squads, booster clubs (athletic and fine arts) and any other MISD student organizations where adults will be working with students other than their own children at MISD sponsored events.

In addition, McKinney ISD recently developed a paid tutoring program.

Private teachers, contract services personnel, student teachers and observers are also required to complete the volunteer application.

To apply, simply click on the “Volunteer Application” box at the bottom of this page and select the school or schools of your choice. An email account is required for notification purposes. Volunteer applicants who are minors, 17 or younger, must submit the Parent / Legal Guardian Authorization for Criminal Background Check form. The Parent Authorization for Criminal Background Check form is available in the Background Checks section of the Application Process page.  Once the application is processed and the criminal background check is complete, you will receive an e-mail notification regarding your application from the MISD Human Resources department.

*McKinney ISD maintains a secure database of all information obtained through the volunteer application. Private information gathered through the application process will not be used for any other purpose than to determine if an individual shall be approved to volunteer with the district. Approved volunteers will be required to show a valid photo ID at the school campus upon arrival.

McKinney ISD requires that all volunteers complete the volunteer process each school year.

All volunteers and applicants for employment with McKinney ISD agree to a background check prior to beginning volunteer duties and/or employment. This is in compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act. JD Palatine, background check service provider for MISD, generates an email to all volunteers and applicants when the background check is completed. Should there be a reportable incident in the report the applicant is able to view the record. Questions regarding background checks should be directed to JD Palatine at 877-745-8525 or

If you are unable to complete the application on-line, please contact the administration office of your child’s school. MISD schools have computers with Internet access available in all of the libraries where the volunteer application process can be completed.

McKinney ISD is dedicated to making sure that all students have the opportunity to learn and grow in a safe and secure environment. The volunteer application process is just one effort used by the school administration to help make our schools safe.

Volunteer applications may take up to two weeks to be processed.

If after two weeks you have not been contacted regarding your volunteer status, please contact MISD Human Resources at 469-302-4117. DO NOT contact staff members at schools regarding your volunteer application. Your application is a confidential matter.

Once you are approved, you will be able to volunteer in the district throughout the school year.

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at McKinney ISD schools.

Volunteer Application

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