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Camp Descriptions

McKinney ISD is excited to announce that we will offer summer enrichment camps this year, conducted by MISD teachers for children in kindergarten through 5th grade. A variety of camps will be offered for 5 weeks, June 6, 2022 – July 15, 2022 (closed the week of July 4th). You do not have to be a resident of McKinney or a student in McKinney ISD to attend camps.

Click here to download the 2022 MISD Summer Enrichment Camp Schedule. (PDF)

Grades K - 1

Literacy Crafts and Fun

Bringing the world of books and fun together. Teachers will read a popular book and students will have the opportunity to create crafts, and do many activities such as dramatic play, fine motor and art.

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Magic Brush

Come dive into the world of Arts and Crafts. Bring your imagination to life through your ART! Experiment with different colors and techniques such as painting with paintbrushes, sponges and fingers.

June 6-10 June 13-17 June 20-24 Register Now

Camp Creation

Create, learn and share through hands-on art activities. Exploring a variety of media including but not limited to "how to" drawing lessons, watercolor, collage, mosaic, and clay. I'm looking forward to some book-based creations as well including a MISS WISHY WASHY drawing lesson and 3D, furry, grow your own VERY HUNGRY CATERPILLAR. I can't wait to see everyone there. Get ready for super fun learning.

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Grades K - 2

Slumber Party Pizzazz

Wear your cozy pajamas, bring a small blanket, and your favorite stuffed animal. I hope you are ready for a week of games, fun, and pampering! We will decorate pillowcases, bob for donuts, read bedtime stories, make dream catchers, and so much more.

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Princess Camp

A fairy tale summer camp adventure awaits your little princess. We will explore a different princess each day. Our magical camp will be filled with royal experiences like tea parties, music, dancing, singing, games, and arts and crafts. You may also come dressed as your favorite Princess! This camp is a perfect way to have fun with friends, be creative, and use your imagination.

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Girls Glamping

Join us for a camping adventure with a glamorous twist. We will decorate tents for our campsite, make gourmet smores & trail mix, and go on an exciting scavenger hunt. Glampers will have a blast playing "camping" bingo, making crafts, and sharing stories around a flame free campfire.

June 20-24 Register Now

Storybook Snacks

You will have a scrumptious time making edible storybook characters and snacks while enjoying great books. Campers will enjoy acting out stories with their friends, doing arts and crafts and playing games.

June 27-July 1 Register Now

Jamming in the Jungle

We are going to have a jamming good time in the jungle. Every day we will learn about a different animal and explore the jungle. Jungle campers will create WILD arts and crafts and play fun jungle games.

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Come join us for a week of color fun with Victoria Kann's Pinkalicious series. Each day will be a new color theme. Campers will enjoy listening to the different stories while creating memorable artwork that taps into each child's imagination. Campers will also love designing their own journal and collaborating with others to write fun poems, reading responses, and more!

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Grades 1 - 2

Summer TIME Fun TIME

Are you looking for fun TIME activities? Come spend TIME with us! We will learn how to tell TIME through arts and crafts, games and enrichment activities. We will learn how to tell TIME to the hour, half past hour and quarters.

June 13-17 June 20-24 June 27-July 1 Register Now

Splash Under the Ocean

Let's dive under the ocean with Mrs. Rodriguez! If you love the ocean and its creatures, you belong in this camp. Students will have fun exploring ocean stories, ocean animals, arts and crafts, engaged and cooperative centers, awesome science experiments, board games and much more. Students will begin the day by showing off and talking about their favorite ocean toy/stuffed animal with their peers. Curiosity will be sparked after listening to the daily ocean themed read aloud. The ocean adventure is just about to begin.

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Grades 2 - 3

Happy Campers

Join us for a week of exploring and learning about nature. We will go camping to a new place each day. We will explore and learn about animals and their environment while playing games and having fun.

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Arts & Crafts

This week we will have a fourth of a good time! Enjoy arts and crafts with your friends and get ready to create a unique RED, WHITE & BLUE painting.

June 27-July 1 Register Now

Social Butterflies

We will have a blast getting back to the basics. Activities will encourage kids to use words like Please, Thank You, and Excuse Me! We will enjoy yummy sacks while learning our TABLE MANNERS! This camp is sure to build confidence and self-esteem while bringing back the essence in social etiquette.

June 6-10 June 13-17 June 20-24 Register Now

Grades 2 - 4

Math Wizards

Math Wizards will combine hands-on learning with digital adventure, helping children build math confidence and understanding. Kids will love MATH after experiencing it in a fun, engaging way.

June 6-10 June 13-17 June 20-24 June 27-July 1 July 11-15 Register Now

Rock Band

Have you ever dreamt of being in a band? Playing music on a stage? Do you have a creative side that's ready to come out? Have you thought of playing an instrument but not sure which one? Then this is the camp for you. We will walk through the basic instruments in a Rock Band (guitar, keyboard, bass) and teach you how to start playing each one. Who knows, we might even jam on a song at the end.

June 13-17 July 11-15 Register Now

Spacetastic Adventures

Come join me for an out of this world adventure this summer. Do you love learning about the moon and the planets? We are going to have an out of this world fun time.

June 6-10 June 13-17 June 20-24 Register Now

Grades 3 - 5

Mad Scientist

You will have tons of fun exploring physics, chemistry, and biology through hands-on experiments and activities.

June 6-10 June 13-17 June 20-24 June 27-July 1 July 11-15 Register Now

Let the Games Begin

Attention all competitors! Bring your A-Game and see how you measure up against your fellow campers in Dodgeball, Gaga Ball, and Minute-To-Win It games. We will test your skills and see who comes out on top.

June 6-10 June 13-17 July 11-15 Register Now

Let’s go Camping & Down on the Farm

Get your camping gear ready! Pitch the tent! Build a fire! Let's have fun playing and learning all about the safe and fun way to camp. All things Farm! Gardening, getting to know farm animals and all the jobs that you need to run a successful farm. This is a double packed week full of fun.

June 6-10 June 13-17 June 27-July 1 Register Now

Playground of the Mind

Explore Rubik's Cube, origami, storytelling with role playing games, logic puzzles, and of course, a couple dozen board games! Let your mind play and see how much fun it is to stretch it in new and interesting ways.

June 20-24 July 11-15 Register Now

Camp Cupcake

Escape the summer heat with a SWEET treat. Learn how to create yummy, delicious frosting and decorate like a pro. Each cupcake becomes a masterpiece in the making for an end of camp Cupcake Challenge. If you are a 4th or 5th grader wanting to join a SWEET CAMP, Camp Cupcake is the place to be.

June 6-10 June 13-17 June 20-24 Register Now

Cupcake Wars

Cupcake Wars will guarantee to get your child's creative juices flowing. Cupcake teams will have a SWEET time MIXING cupcake designs and flavors. Calling all 4th and 5th graders to join the Cupcake Warriors for a week of fun-filled activities.

June 27-July 1 July 11-15 Register Now

Crafty Campers

Bring your creativity to Crafty Campers. This camp will feature traditional crafts such as sand art, beads, origami, tie-dye and more. Every week is a new theme and a new set of crafts.

June 6-10 June 13-17 June 20-24 June 27-July 1 July 11-15 Register Now

Grades 4 - 5

Ocean Explorers

Come explore the mysteries of the ocean, including sharks, sea turtles, dolphins, oras and more! Students will have oceans of fun using their imaginations and creativity.

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Game Creation: Touchscreen Addition

Tired of paying for game apps? Join this HIGH TECH camp and learn how to create your very own app! You will create an app that can be played online or on your touchscreen. You will receive a “Beginning Games App” booklet that you can take home. This booklet will have all the steps in creating your app and it will also have instructions for your parents on “How to Upgrade” your free license so you can share and sell your apps at the app store.

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Web design Pro

A Professional website developer will show you how to create your own business class website and host it for the world to see. Your website will include a beautiful landing page, "About Us", Blog", and "Contact Us" pages. You will use the same real scripts and tools that are used on professional sites and have the skills to make or sell websites for others.

June 13-17 Register Now

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