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Kenneth Ussery

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Kenneth Ussery

Fifth-generation McKinney native Kenneth Ussery is proud to make his home in the city where he spent many of his formative years. Much has changed since his childhood, but the “one-horse town” he remembers from the mid-1960’s that now sprawls with industry and luxury has managed to remain fundamentally the same at heart.

“While we have experienced growing pains over the years, I am proud of our city and how we have maintained a wonderful community atmosphere along with an exemplary school system. To me, we have the best of both worlds,” Kenneth says.

He has approached his passion for education and higher learning with a willingness to tackle each new challenge and direction with fervor. While he began his college career with scholarships to pursue music, he earned his bachelor’s degree in accounting. Later, he went on to attend Dallas Theological Seminary to study theology and finished his master’s degree in psychology with an emphasis in marriage and family counseling.

After more than 30 years of leading worship and family ministries, Kenneth earned his realtor license and thoroughly enjoys helping families in the community find their perfect McKinney home.

He is certainly no stranger to McKinney ISD. In 1983, Kenneth began providing accompaniment for McKinney ISD band students’ competitions, and thirty-four years later, he can still be found behind the piano. Over the years, he has played for band, choir and orchestra students at all three McKinney ISD high schools, all five middle schools and has accompanied some of our elementary school choirs.

He currently serves as treasurer for the McKinney Boyd Band Boosters. He also enjoys Friday night lights and can always be found on the football field loading and unloading for half-time shows.
His involvement in the district is not limited to fine arts programs, however. He also spent several years tutoring math at the middle school level and has served as a substitute teacher. “I have such an appreciation for our teachers and wanted to help them however I could,” he says.

Kenneth has also served on CAN (Community Action Network) and has been involved in McKinney ISD school bond elections. When McClure Elementary School opened, Kenneth served on the Strategic and Planning Committee to assist in launching the school’s environmental infrastructure.

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