MISD Aims to Increase Bus Safety with Extended Stop Arms

McKinney, Texas - If there is one thing that strikes fear into the hearts of school bus drivers it’s motorists who refuse to stop. Whether it’s caused by a lack of awareness or simply a basic lack of concern for others, drivers zip past school buses all too frequently as kids are loading and unloading, oblivious to—or simply ignoring—the brilliant, red flashing lights and the bright red signs that say quite plainly to “STOP.”

McKinney ISD Board of Trustees Spotlight

McKinney, Texas - Though their backgrounds differ, the seven elected members of the McKinney ISD Board of Trustees share a singular vision of success for all students—and they commit a great deal of time and energy toward that goal.

MISD High Schools to Host 2016 Showcase Events, Grade Level Registration Meetings

McKinney, Texas - With this week’s release of the new McKinney ISD High School Academic Planning Guide, it’s time for parents of students in grades 8 – 11 to turn their attention toward registration for the 2016 – 2017 school year.

2011 Bond Update Part 4: North, Reuben Johnson and Malvern

McKinney, Texas - “Change is always good in my mind,” says McKinney North Principal Jimmy Spann. “It provides you with opportunities to look at your future and determine what you want that future to be.”

MHS Counselors Cranmore and Akins Earn State Recognition for Research

McKinney, Texas - For their work in the area of college and career planning Cranmore and Akins have drawn the praise of the Texas Counseling Association. In November, they received the 2015 Texas Counseling Association (TCA) Outstanding Research Award at their annual Professional Growth Conference in Corpus Christi.

MISD Names New Senior Director of Finance

McKinney, Texas -  McKinney ISD has hired Marlene Harbeson as its new Senior Director of Finance, and the Board of Trustees approved the decision Tuesday night.

MISD, LeTourneau University, Collin College Partnership Means New Opportunities for Aviation Students

McKinney, Texas -  When representatives from LeTourneau University, Collin College and the McKinney Independent School District gathered at McKinney National Airport on Monday to formalize a unique three-way partnership, their signatures ushered in a new era of opportunity for MISD aviation students.

Bennett Elementary Defeats Oklahoma School in Think Through Math Red River Rumble

McKinney, Texas -  “Our Bennett Bears absolutely crushed Oklahoma with our math skills,” said Bennett Elementary Principal Amy Holderman on Friday.  

Bennett was chosen as one of five Texas schools to represent the state in the first week of Think Through Math’s (TTM) annual Red River Rumble mathematics competition between Texas and Oklahoma held Nov. 9 – 13. The weeklong event called on 3rd – 5th graders from Bennett and a counterpart school in Oklahoma to complete and pass as many online TTM math lessons as possible over the course of the week.

2011 Bond Election Update Part Three: Dowell Middle School

McKinney, Texas -  In 2011, McKinney voters overwhelmingly approved a $191 million bond package that would address a wide range of campus needs across the district. Slated to begin in 2012 and conclude in 2016, that bond package is swiftly nearing completion—on schedule and under budget.

28 MISD Campuses Earn National Healthy Schools Awards

McKinney, Texas - For their efforts at promoting healthy activity and nutritions across MISD, the Alliance for a Healthier Generation has awarded National Healthy Schools Awards to all 28 McKinney ISD elementary, middle and high schools—making MISD one of only three districts in the nation this year who can claim all of their campuses as award winners.