Making an Impact at Texas A&M: MBHS '11 Graduates Kelley Monogue and Meghan Streight

McKinney – Soccer isn’t just a game for McKinney Boyd High School graduates Kelley Monogue and Meghan Streight, it’s a lifestyle.

Making a Difference Through Life's Trials: Rasheenah Bartley - MBHS '12

Through trying times and constant moves during her childhood, Rasheenah Bartley leaned on the one constant, positive force in her life—school.

Making A Difference in the Midst of Adversity: Angie Ng - MNHS '12

An outsider would never guess that at just 15 years old, Angie Ng lost both of her parents within a span of just a few months: her mother to a car accident, and then her father to cancer.

Making a Difference in the Air Force and Merchant Marines: Michael Willcox (MNHS '07) and Connor Willcox (MBHS '11)

Brothers Michael and Connor Willcox chose to pursue a very different college experience from their friends when they elected to attend military service academies.

Making a Difference at Cornell University - Keir Ross: MHS '07

“I always want to lead by example—working hard and being a guy who’s raising the competition in practice every day and just doing things right away from the rink—staying  on top of school, eating right and staying healthy."

Making a Difference in Oklahoma: Allison Harris - MBHS '08

“When I look back, it’s an appreciation and passion for community that has encouraged me to do journalism,” she added. “Cheering on the football team Friday nights, going to the same schools, living in the same town, and working on community service projects gave me a great sense of community.”


Making a Difference in Two Languages: Kaitlyn Datzman - MNHS '07

“What I want to be is that teacher who shows them that they can be successful,” she said. “I just want to instill in them that they can overcome their situation. That’s something I really have a heart for.”

Making a Difference in Louisiana: Mark Bell - MNHS '07

“Teach for America’s big mission is that one day every child in the United States will have an excellent education regardless of race, family status or income,” said Mark Bell, 22. “It’s something I agree with. No matter where a child is born they still should have the opportunity to have great teachers.”

Making a Difference in Africa: Angel Velarde - MHS '98

Several years ago, Angel Velarde took a risk that would change the direction of his life.

He quit a stable job as a marketing analyst and embarked on a road trip to California. He soon realized that what he really wanted to do was help people—so he applied to the Peace Corps.