McClure's Christy Johnson is Region 10 School Nurse of the Year

McKinney, Texas - Christy Johnson is too down to earth to seek out accolades for the work she does as the school nurse at McClure Elementary. But, her outstanding service at that campus has garnered recognition anyway. Johnson has been named the 2015 Region 10 School Nurse of the Year by the Texas School Nurses Organization.

MISD Launches All-New misdGO Mobile App

McKinney, Texas - McKinney ISD leapt to the forefront of school communications in 2011 when it introduced misdGO, one of the most comprehensive k-12 mobile apps in the country at that time. Now, an all-new version of misdGO is available that offers students, parents and teachers even better on-the-go access to all things MISD

MISD Board Approves Middle School Attendance Boundary Adjustments

McKinney, Texas - Two days of winter weather and school cancellations didn’t keep the McKinney ISD Board of Trustees from dealing with important business at their regular monthly Board Meeting on Tuesday night. The Board voted unanimously to approve the new 2015 Middle School Attendance Boundary Map which was developed based on an analysis of enrollment projections, MISD attendance boundary criteria, parent feedback and Board dialogue.

2015 Senior Tour Offers Inside Look at MISD

McKinney, Texas - Wednesday, Feb. 18 marked the 2015 McKinney ISD Senior Tour, the fourth such annual opportunity for McKinney senior adults to take an inside look at programs offered at the elementary, middle and high school levels as well as to meet students, teachers and administrators who make it all happen each day in MISD. Along the way, they shared stories and laughter and marveled at how far things have come.

Protect Your Melon: Wilmeth Fifth-Graders Tackle Helmet Safety for First Place at Regional Science Fair

McKinney, Texas - Like all great pioneers of science, Grant Vollmer and C.J. Wilson are not afraid to tackle hot-button topics—even when their research findings could interfere with their extracurricular aspirations.

For their science fair research project, which they presented at the Elementary Regional Science Fair in Garland on Feb. 6–7, the two fifth-graders from Wilmeth Elementary, tackled the topic of helmet safety with a project called “Protect Your Melon.” In the process, they won a 1st Place trophy and experienced the exciting convergence of science, helmet safety and the thrill of dropping watermelons from a ladder.

MISD Plans Adjustments to Middle School Attendance Zones to Alleviate Overcrowding

McKinney, Texas - The McKinney ISD Board of Trustees and district officials are currently in the process of adjusting the district’s middle school attendance zones.

The boundary adjustment process is guided by several key principles: Move the fewest number of students possible, relieve crowding at Cockrill Middle School and Evans Middle School, maximize capacity and resources at Dowell Middle School and Faubion Middle School, maintain the Board’s ongoing commitment to socio-economic diversity throughout the district and provide room for growth at Scott Johnson Middle School.

McKinney Chamber of Commerce Names MISD Outstanding Business of the Year

McKinney, Texas - "Although it is not a business, it operates with high business standards. And the impact it has on businesses in our area is the quality of workforce that it produces year after year…It is my distinct honor to recognize McKinney Independent School District as the Outstanding Business of the Year.”

National Signing Day: MISD Athletes Take their Game to the Next Level

McKinney, Texas - With a few strokes of the pen, 23 outstanding athletes from McKinney Boyd High School, McKinney High School and McKinney North High School will chart the course for the next stage of their athletic and academic careers on Wednesday, Feb. 4 and Friday, Feb. 6. It’s National Signing Day, and that means it’s time to make it official.

Thirteen MISD athletes are headed for the college gridiron, 10 for the soccer pitch, one for the pool and one for the baseball diamond. Each has earned the opportunity to play at the next level, a feat that many high school athletes aspire to but few achieve.

One to the World Informational Meetings Scheduled for 8th Grade Parents

McKinney, Texas - With the implementation of the One 2 the World instructional initiative now well under way for ninth-graders at McKinney Boyd High School, McKinney High School and McKinney North High School, McKinney ISD is preparing for the next phase in 2015–2016 by hosting seven informational meeting opportunities this spring for the parents of current MISD 8th graders.

North Junior Emma Gibney Receives 2015 Shepperd Institute Trailblazer Award

McKinney, Texas - It has been observed that when all is said and done, there is often more said than done. But, for Emma Gibney leadership starts with action that inspires others.   

“I strive to lead by example,” said Gibney, a junior at McKinney North High School. “Ferdinand Foch said, ‘The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire.’ I think having passion and love for what you do is the most important aspect in leading others.”