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Are there any plans to address the need for an elementary school for the residents of the Lucas area?

McKinney ISD is reviewing and tracking demographic data on an on-going basis.  We are aware of both the need and desire for a school in the southern and southeastern portions of the district.  However, our demographic projections do not indicate an immediate need for a school in that area.  That is not to say that we are not regularly investigating opportunities for land purchases.  The primary issue is that we currently have schools (elementary in particular) with an immediate need for relief in the central and northern portions of the district.  For this reason, we will open McClure Elementary School next year, which is centrally located in McKinney ISD near Highway 380 and Ridge Road.  We realize that variables such as growth and new housing starts shift and, thus, we are constantly reviewing our long-range plan.  We will continue to explore available property in the southern and southeastern portions of the district for future school sites, but there are no immediate plans to construct a school in the Lucas area.

Will McKinney ISD rezone high schools for the 2010-2011 school year?

There are currently no plans to rezone high schools.  The District is reviewing opportunities to utilize the high school facilities in the most efficient and effective ways possible.  Currently, McKinney Boyd High School is nearing capacity and McKinney North High School is underutilized as a facility.  This was caused in large part by the dramatic slowdown in new housing starts in the northern sectors of the community. 

McKinney ISD has explored a variety of options in an effort to alleviate the crowded conditions at McKinney Boyd High School and to better utilize the facility at McKinney North High School.   This year, several Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses were moved to McKinney North High School, which assisted in accomplishing both of these goals.  We are looking at other creative ways to utilize the facilities in the most efficient manner possible.  Rezoning is always a last resort when exploring ways to better utilize a facility, but sometimes necessary. 
Changes in birth rates, new housing starts, regeneration of neighborhoods, shifting population trends, economic factors, and many other demographic variables can impact enrollment at a given campus.  For this reason, the District must work alongside our professional demographer to constantly assess campus capacity and utilization.  This is certainly not an exact science, and can be even more of a challenge in a fast-growth district. 

When discussions about the next high school rezoning process begin, a communication will be sent through local media outlets, the McKinney ISD website, and Email Extra.  However, at this time, the District is not considering any changes to the secondary school zones.

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