McKinney ISD is in the process of setting up an employee incentive (Employee Perks) program that will provide a variety of benefits for district employees. One of these incentives will be discounts offered by local businesses on purchases or services. McKinney ISD currently has more than 2,400 staff, teachers and administrators employed with the district providing a large consumer base for local businesses. Many of these employees live in McKinney where they dine, shop and spend money on entertainment.

The Employee Perks program will consist of an employee webpage on the district website where the discounts or savings from local businesses will be posted. Employees can log on and view discounts offered by these local businesses. McKinney ISD would like to offer your business the opportunity to provide district employees an opportunity to shop, dine or visit your business through this program.

There is no cost for your business to be a part of this program. However, the district would encourage each business to join with the McKinney ISD through the Partners in Education program which provides volunteer opportunities with the district. For more information about the Partners in Education program, please contact Nancy Cowlishaw at 469-302-4043 or by e-mail.

Below are the guidelines to the Employee Perks Program:

  1. Business must have a store or physical location of business.
  2. Advertisements must provide a discount or special offer to district employees. Advertisements will not be permitted without a special offer to district employees.
  3. The types, values and/or amounts are at the discretion of the business.
      Suggested Discounts include:
    • 10%, 20%, 25% off. Etc.
    • Buy one-get-one-free offers
  4. All discounts must be honored for one full year. (August through July)
  5. Changes to the discounts will not be allowed during the year.
  6. McKinney ISD employees must present their employee badge to the business to receive any and all offers. Clipped coupons or discounts will not need to be posted on the site.
  7. The following items shall not be offered as discounts to employees:
    • Tobacco products
    • Alcohol products – (Over the counter or with meal discount offers)
    • Sexually suggestive or adult oriented products and/or material
  8. All discounts/postings/advertisements must be approved by the MISD Communications Department.
  9. Flyers, advertisements or other promotional material will not be allowed to be distributed through schools to students or employees. All information must be sent to the McKinney ISD Communications Department who will disseminate the information appropriately through existing communication channels.
  10. Final decisions, approvals and/or rejections are at the sole discretion of the McKinney ISD.

How to Participate in the McKinney ISD Employee Perks Program

Participation in the McKinney ISD Employee Perks Program is open to all businesses in and around the city of McKinney. Although it is encouraged that businesses join with the McKinney ISD Partners in Education program, it is not required.

If you are interested in offering discounted goods or services to employees of McKinney ISD, please contact the McKinney ISD Communications Department at the following contact information:

  • McKinney ISD Employee Perks Program
    Attn: MISD Communications Department
    One Duvall Street
    McKinney, TX 75069
    Phone: 469-302-4007 Fax: 469-302-4103
    Email: Perks Program

How to submit advertisements:

Businesses can create their own advertisements to be posted on the Employee Perks page, or simply provide the information they would like posted.

Submitting Advertisements to be posted

Businesses that would like to create their own advertisement should submit the advertisement in PDF format, or Microsoft Word format so the document can be converted to PDF format. The file should not be too large to post on the district website. Attach the PDF or Word Document and email the Perks Program. McKinney ISD will review the advertisement and reply to the e-mail if the ad has been approved or rejected. If the ad is rejected, information will be provided on why the advertisement cannot be posted on the Employee Perks page.

Submitting Information to be posted

If you would like the MISD Communications department to create your ad, send all of the information you wish to include in the ad to Perks Program. If you would like to have a company logo included with the ad, attach a JPEG file (72 resolution) to the email. The McKinney ISD Communications Department will design the ad and send it back to you for approval. Once the ad is approved, it will be posted on the Employee Perks page.

We look forward to working with your business to provide discounts and incentives for employees of McKinney ISD. If you have any questions, or require any additional information, please feel free to contact the McKinney ISD Communications Department at 469-302-4007.