Application Instructions


Thank you for applying with McKinney Independent School District. Please take a few moments to review the instructions prior to completing your application.

If you experience technical difficulties with the application, please contact the Human Resources department at 469-302-4117 or send an email to

  1. Certain fields have been identified with a red triangle. These fields are required and you will not be allowed to submit your application unless these fields are completed.
  2. When entering phone numbers, only input the numbers. Do not try to enter dashes, hyphens or parentheses.
  3. When entering dates, follow the format indicated, i.e., (MM/YYYY) equals 10/2014.
  4. In the Certification/Licensure section of the application, if you hold a Lifetime Certificate, leave the Expire Date field blank, do not enter Lifetime.
  5. When you have completed a page, click on the CONTINUE button at the bottom of the page to save your information and move to the next page.
  6. Electronic documents may be uploaded with your application. Microsoft Word documents must be converted to RTF or PDF before they may be uploaded successfully. To convert to RTF, refer to the Help feature within Word as the process differs depending on the version. To convert to PDF, use the PDF converter conveniently located on the Supporting Documents page within the application.
  7. We recommend that you print a copy of your application after you submit your application. Once you have submitted the final page, you will need to log in again to make any changes or corrections to your application. Therefore, it is very important to remember your login and password.
  8. It is anticipated that the application process will take approximately 30 minutes to complete. If you need to leave the application and complete it later, the data you have entered will only be saved for 72 hours from the time you started. After that, all information will be erased if the application has not been submitted.
  9. Dependent upon your browser’s functionality, depressing the ENTER key on your keyboard may take you to the next page. To avoid this problem, use only the TAB key or your mouse to move from field to field.

All volunteers and applicants for employment with McKinney ISD agree to a background check prior to beginning volunteer duties and/or employment. This is incompliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act. JD Palatine, background check service provider for MISD, generates an email to all volunteers and applicants when the background check is completed. Should there be a reportable incident in the report the applicant is able to view
the record. Questions regarding background checks should be directed to JD Palatine at 877-745-8525 or

We appreciate your interest in employment with McKinney ISD.
Click here to begin the secure online application process or to update your current application.