House Bill 914


Local Government Officers

The 79th Texas Legislature passed House Bill 914 that became effective January 1, 2006, establishing new requirements for local government officers (superintendent and school board members) to file a Conflicts Disclosure Statement (Form CIS) with the school district’s records administrator if,

  1. The school district has contracted with a person or is considering doing business with the person and
  2. The superintendent or board member or a family member within the first degree or consanguity or affinity either has an employment or other business relationship with the person and receives taxable income or
  3. Has been given by a person one or more gifts that have an aggregate value of more than $250 in a 12-month period preceding the date the local government officer became aware of the facts that require the filing of a conflicts disclosure statement. The Conflicts Disclosure Statement must be filed with the records administrator no later than 5 p.m. on the 7th day after the date the officer became aware of the facts that require the filing of a statement.


Vendors and other persons are required to file a Conflict of Interest Questionnaire (Form CIQ) with the records administrator of the school district if the person "contracts or seeks to contract for the sale or purchase of property, goods, services with a local governmental entity; or is an agent of a person in the person’s business with the local governmental entity."

Vendors may send their completed Conflict of Interest Questionnaire (Form CIQ) to:

B. B. Biering, Director of Purchasing

McKinney Independent School District

One Duvall Street

McKinney, TX 75069

School District

School districts that maintain a website, must post forms that are filed with the records administrator as positive conflicts.

Positive Conflicts

Questions & Answers - TASBO

Please refer to the Texas Association of School Administrators Questions and Answers related to HB914 for more information.

Disclaimer:   It is the intent of McKinney ISD to furnish information and forms regarding HB914, not to interpret the law. If you have questions regarding HB914, please contact your attorney for legal counsel.