One of the divisions of the Partners in Education organization is REACH. The program is designed to foster a basic sense of self-esteem, self-confidence and a motivation to learn and improve personal and social skills that will reinforce the importance of an education. Reaching one child at a time is the primary goal of the program.

Mentors are greatly needed at several elementary campuses and at all five McKinney ISD middle schools. However, any campus can request a mentor and mentors are needed district-wide.

How are students selected to the program?

The Partners In Education Program provides every campus with a Campus Referral Form. The campuses use this form as a guide to select students they feel can benefit from having a mentor. Once a student is identified, the parent/guardian is contacted and informed that their child has the opportunity to participate in the Mentor Program. Permission to participate in the Mentor Program is sought from the parent/guardian. The student is then contacted, and asked if he/she would like to be part of this program. No student is required to participate.

Benefits Realized by Students

  • Improved grades
  • Fewer discipline referrals
  • Increased attendance
  • Better social skills
  • Increased self-esteem
  • Appreciation of education

Benefits Realized by Mentors

  • Helping others succeed
  • Personal growth and awareness through insights gained from students
  • Shaping the future leaders of tomorrow
  • Sense of accomplishment by inspiring a student
  • Increased meaningful involvement in your community

What is Required of a Mentor?

Mentors are asked to volunteer a minimum of one hour per week during the school day. This is a school-based program, therefore, all mentoring takes place at the student’s campus during a time that has been set up by the Campus Liaison and the mentor. Outside contact is not allowed unless it is at a school function, such as a basketball game.

How do I Become a Mentor?

Opportunities to mentor are available at all McKinney ISD campuses. All McKinney ISD volunteers are required to complete the online McKinney ISD volunteer application. This process includes a background check. Once approved, a one hour mentor orientation training is required. A Campus Liaison will then contact you to schedule a face-to-face meeting. You will then be matched with a mentee, and a date will be established to begin the program

How do I Begin the Process?

Volunteers are asked to contact the McKinney Independent School District Partners In Education Office at One Duvall Street, McKinney Texas, 469-302-4043 or e-mail Nancy Cowlishaw .

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