Special Populations


Departmental Responsibilities

The McKinney Independent School District’s Special Populations Department believes that all individuals are born with inherent value and that all individuals need to feel safe and secure in their learning environment. Further, we believe that all individuals deserve an environment that is conducive to mental, physical and spiritual growth. We also believe that education is a shared responsibility and that personal relationships, especially with parents and adult students are vital to learning. As a result, the Special Populations Department seeks to develop educational programs for students with disabilities which are relevant and adaptable to the student’s needs.

Responsible for supervising and coordinating activities for the Office of Special Populations including Special Education Services, 504, and Dyslexia.

For general questions about any of our services, including 504 and Dyslexia, please e-mail: misdsped.


Our Children's Circle - Autism / Aspergers Family Support


Paul Foster, Ed. D

Senior Director of Special Populations
Email: Paul Foster, Ed. D

Sherri Winters

Office Manager
Email: Sherri Winters

Shannon Evans

Data Management Specialist
Email: Shannon Evans

Sally Riche

Special Education Coordinator
Email: Sally Riche

Stephanie Kircher

Special Education Coordinator
Email: Stephanie Kircher

Laura Simmons, Ed.D.

Special Education Coordinator
Email: Laura Simmons

Brenda Weintraub

Special Education Coordinator
Email: Brenda Weintraub

Brynne Riley

Special Education Coordinator
Email: Brynne Riley

Natesha Moore

Special Education Coordinator
Email: Natesha Moore

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