Maintenance 24 Hour Emergency Hotline 469-446-1824

The Maintenance Department is responsible for the maintenance of district facilities and grounds. Work orders (repair requests) are submitted electronically from the campus/departments to the Maintenance Department. The work orders are screened, assigned to the appropriate trade group/employee, and scheduled. The Maintenance Department consists of the following trade departments.

General Maintenance

General Maintenance (GM) is responsible for a wide variety of repairs. These repairs include all interior surfaces (flooring, walls, and ceilings) and the exterior surfaces (brick veneer, siding, dryvit, and roofs) of district facilities. GM installs and repairs interior and exterior signage. District owned playground equipment is repaired by GM. GM installs campus purchased materials such as markerboards, tackboards, projection screens, banners and related types of materials. GM picks up excess furniture scheduled for auction.


The Electrical Department is responsible for the maintenance and repair of electrical distribution systems. This department is responsible for the repair of interior/exterior lighting systems, replacement of faulty light switches/wall plugs, and broken/disjointed conduits. Installing new electrical outlets and other power requirements is the responsibility of this department.

Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC)

The HVAC Department is responsible for the maintenance and repair of approximately 2000 pieces of heating, ventilation (exhaust fans) and air conditioning equipment. As part of the routine preventative maintenance in this department, filters are changed on a routine basis on a cycle recommended by the manufacturer or condition of the filters. AC coils are cleaned on a yearly basis.

The HVAC Department assists in the repairs of the automated Energy Management System (EMS) in the areas of control wiring, sensor replacement, low voltage components, and thermostats. After hours heating and cooling scheduling is not the responsibility of the HVAC Department.


The Plumbing Department is responsible for the repair and maintenance of district water, sewage, and natural gas systems. Unclogging sewer/drain lines, repairing plumbing fixtures, and repairing leaks are typical types of repairs made by the Plumbing Department. Plumbing fixtures are replaced on an as needed basis. The Plumbing Department is also responsible for annual back-flow prevention testing throughout the District. All back-flow devices are required, by Plumbing Code and City of McKinney, to be tested and certified annually. In addition, Plumbing performs the annual testing of all gas piping to all campuses. The schools and auxiliary buildings that have natural gas piping are required to be tested every other year. MISD Plumbing tests 50% of the buildings each year.


The Paint Department is responsible for the interior and exterior painting of district facilities. Minor touch-up painting is scheduled as required. Parking lot striping is the responsibility of the Paint Department. This department is responsible for removal of graffiti. Due to the staffing level of this department, some contract painting is required to keep up with requests.

Integrated Pest Management

The schools may apply pesticides indoors and out. McKinney ISD utilitizes Integrated Pest Management. Integrated Pest Management is the approach to pest control, required by the State, that utilizes regular monitoring and record keeping to determine if and when treatments are needed. IMP employs a combination of strategies and tactics to keep pest numbers low enough to prevent damage, annoyance or health threats. Biological, cultural, physical, mechanical, educational, and chemical methods are used in site-specific combinations to solve pest problems. Chemical controls are used only when needed.

The Texas Department of Agriculture/Structural Pest Control Service governs the Integrated Pest Management team. Only Licensed Technicians or Certified Applicators licensed with the TDA or the SPCS may conduct pest control on District property. A 48 hour notice is required prior to any pest control application. Emergency treatments are permitted in a localized area of infestation only when there is an imminent treat to health or property, or an infestation is imminent.


The Grounds Department is responsible for the maintenance of all school grounds. This department routinely mows, edges, and weedeats all campuses on a weekly schedule during the growing season. Shrubs are trimmed every six (6) weeks. Trees are trimmed a minimum of once a year. Irrigation repairs are ongoing year round. Off season responsibilities include tree planting, leveling of grounds, cleaning out drainage ditches, cleaning out landscape beds, and installing bark mulch around all trees.

The Grounds Department is also responsible for irrigation systems. Part of the irrigation effort is to insure that MISD conforms to all City of McKinney irrigation watering restrictions.


The Carpentry Department is responsible for the maintenance and repair of carpentry related items in district facilities. Typical repairs include the repair of casework, millwork, and minor furniture repair. This department assists the General Maintenance Department with their typical repairs.


Justin Price

Director of Maintenance