Energy Management


  1. Energy Management Mission: Recognizing our responsibility to our district, we believe that every effort should be made to conserve energy and our natural resources. We also believe that this commitment will be beneficial to our students and taxpayers without sacrificing health, safety, and security or imposing educational restrictions upon students and instructional personnel. The objectives of the energy management department to the district are as follows:
    • To perform daily facility operations in an efficient manner in order to minimize operating expense.
    • To update equipment, facilities and lighting, where possible and practical, to greater energy efficiency without compromising fiscal responsibility, performance or quality.
    • To include energy efficiency as part of the criteria for new construction and renovation.
    • To promote campus awareness through activities, programs and education.

    The fulfillment of this policy is the joint responsibility of the trustees, administrators, teachers, maintenance, custodial, support staff, food services, student transportation, students and parents.

  2. Energy Management Programs:
    1. Watt Watchers – An energy education program that will help reduce schools energy cost and stay with students for life.
    2. Building Controls – McKinney ISD air conditioning and heating systems are controlled by an automated building control system commonly referred to as an “Energy Management System” (EMS). The EMS allows us to program the appropriate start and stop times of equipment in order to prevent ineffective use of mechanical systems.
    3. Energy Audits – The energy manager periodically audits, records and reports findings with respect to energy use on the campus. The audits provide the principals with information to share with their faculty and staff in order to help with energy conservation.
    4. Utility Bill Review – The energy management department reviews utility bills for proper rates, billings and meter locations.
    5. Utility Consumption Recording- The energy management department records utility bills in order to track cost and consumption.
    6. Recycling – Each campus currently participates in recycling. Recycling is picked up once weekly. Each campus also participates in recycling of corrugated boxes. Acceptable items are: Aluminum cans, chipboard, paper, glass bottles or jars, newspaper, magazines, plastics 1 - 7 (milk jugs, juice jugs, laundry detergent jugs, etc.).
    7. Waste Management – Campus dumpster schedules and areas are periodically checked for proper pick-up and tidiness.


Ronnie Hamilton

Energy Manager
Email: Ronnie Hamilton

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