Facilities & Operations


Departmental Responsibilities

The office of operations is responsible for the construction, building and grounds maintenance, leasing, custodial, and energy management for the McKinney Independent School District.

We dedicate all our efforts and resources to promote student learning by providing a clean, safe, secure and comfortable environment to support all students and staff through effective use of district facilities which enhance the education process.

  • Construction
  • Custodial
  • Energy Management
  • Facilities
  • Grounds
  • Land Acquisition
  • Leasing of Facilities
  • Maintenance

Concession Stand Workers

Changes effective 2016-2017 School Year
In concession stands where Menu II is served, at least 1 worker must be concession stand certified. The City of McKinney will no longer provide free concession stand training classes. Instead, they are encouraging at least 1 person/per shift to be certified through online classes. Please follow this link to view online training information.

Please fax the certificate of completion to 469-302-4066 and your name will be added to the list online. The minimum age required by MISD is a freshman in High School. A listing of attendees is posted on the MISD website, at the bottom of the Athletics page, by expiration date. The certificate is valid for 2 years.


Greg Suttle

Executive Director of Facilities Services and Construction
Email: Greg Suttle
469-302-4113 • phone
469-302-4066 • fax

Justin Price

Director of Maintenance
Email: Justin Price

Corey Gililland

Director of Construction
Email: Corey Gililland

Ronnie Hamilton

Energy Manager
Email: Ronnie Hamilton

Floyd Kinkaid

Automation Tech Specialist
Email: Floyd Kinkaid

Pam Green

Energy Secretary
Email: Pam Green

Vonna Van de Veer

Office Manager
Email: Vonna Van de Veer

Lisa Sizemore

Leasing Manager
Email: Lisa Sizemore

Erica Wright

Custodial Director
Email: Erica Wright

Aaron Long

Facilities Manager (Elementary)
Email: Aaron Long

Devin Faggart

Facilities Manager (Secondary)
Email: Devin Faggart

Luke Prater

Construction Inspector
Email: Luke Prater


Security / Maintenance
(24/7 On Call)