Mother's Day Out


Mother's Day Out

The McKinney ISD Mother’s Day Out Program (MDO) is a licensed childcare program with a focus on early childhood and kindergarten readiness. The program utilizes state of the art technology and age appropriate curriculum focused on cognitive, language, social, emotional and physical development.

Now Accepting Registration

Mother's Day Out is now accepting registration for 2017-18. New for 2017-18, a five day per week option for 4 year olds.

Please contact Rosie Corrado at 469-302-2305 or email at

Students are always excited to access the program’s SMART Table. This interactive tool enables up to eight students to work at a time on a multi-touch surface, developing their problem-solving and critical-thinking skills. The SMART Table is a social, inclusive and captivating collaboration tool that makes it easy to get young students excited about learning.
Smart Table

Instruction is delivered through well-planned, thematic lessons that emphasize kindergarten readiness with specialization in early childhood education. Activities are focused around learning centers and include, but are not limited to science/nature, literacy, math, music, art, phonetic awareness, fine motor skills, listening skills, and cognitive development.

Our teaching staff believes in hands-on instruction and the delivery of instruction through engaging lessons and group actives. Technology is a core learning component of the McKinney ISD Mother’s Day Out Program. Classrooms are equipped with SMART Boards or interactive white boards, which use multi-media which encourage collaboration and active involvement by every student. Lessons are also delivered through the use of Apple iPads and a wide variety of fun and engaging learning apps.

If you are interested in having your child attend Mother's Day Out, please call Childcare programs at 469-302-2305.