Employee Benefits

The following information is provided to assist our associates with information about McKinney Independent School District sponsored employee benefit procedures and coverage. All McKinney ISD benefits are independent of each other and require individual enrollment forms for enrollment, adding dependents, canceling coverage or dropping dependents. McKinney ISD does not have a bundled benefits program. Any changes to benefits must be completed during the Open Enrollment process or within 31 days of a status change. Status changes are definable by IRS guidelines. We hope this information is helpful, and your use and recommendations are encouraged. Contact benefits office by e-mail, call Carolin Causey 469-302-4102, Angela Rose 469-302-4029 or Benefits Fax 469-302-4104.


Employee Self Service (ESS)


Benefits Information

01. New Hire Required Forms

  • The forms listed in this SECTION are mandatory forms required for every district employee regardless of enrollment in benefit plan coverage. All other coverage plans listed on this WEBSITE are voluntary plans and only require enrollment forms when enrolling in plan coverage. Please bring the three (3) mandatory forms with you to your new hire orientation. All mandatory forms are due to the Benefits office within 31 days of the employee's date of hire. If you need additional information or rate information for TRS ActiveCare or UNUM Life Insurance please locate the information needed under the appropriate benefit heading below.
  • 2015-2016 TRS ActiveCare Form
  • UNUM Life Insurance Enrollment Form
  • Employee Acknowledgment Of The Alliance Direct Contracting Program

02. Flexible Reimbursement Accounts

03. Health Insurance

04. Dental Insurance

05. Vision Insurance

06. Life Insurance

07. Disability Insurance

08. Credit Union of Texas Savings Deduction

  • Employees can send funds through payroll deduction to the Credit Union of Texas using the form below. This form is also used in the cancellation of the deduction should the employee decide to no longer send funds to Credit Union of Texas.
  • Credit Union of Texas Savings Deduction/Cancellation Form

09. Savings Plans for Employees Covered by Teacher Retirement System of Texas (TRS)

10. FICA Alternative Savings Plan for Employees Not Covered by Teacher Retirement System of Texas (TRS) (Substitutes, Crossing Guards, Club 360)

  • Please know that distribution of these funds is only available upon terminiation and must be processed by Region 10/JEM. Information about the plan and the distribution process may be obtained through the Region 10/JEM website at:
  • http://www.region10rams.org/

11. Aflac Cancer/Critical Illness/Accident/Intensive Care

12. Employee Assistance Program

13. TRS /Genworth Long Term Care Insurance

14. Legal Shield

15. Workers Compensation

Privacy Practice and Required Notices

  • Please refer to the links below to review all required notices, for Pre-Existing Condition Exclusions, Notice of Privacy Practices, Notice of Continuation of Coverage Rights under COBRA, Notice regarding Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and other required notifications
  • Notice of Privacy Practices
  • Required Notices