The best way to broadly define the various administrative departments within McKinney ISD is to consider them as the support systems for the day-to-day operations of the District, and as the “role players” helping our “stars” (our teachers and campus staff) to perform at the highest levels possible. The primary responsibility of these departments is to help enable teachers to do what they are uniquely qualified and called to do, TEACH. While we recognize that teachers have never been held to a higher standard, scrutinized more heavily, or asked to do so much, we also recognize that we can make every effort to help them to focus as much energy as possible to the needs of their students.

Several years ago, a fire was set at a McKinney ISD middle school just before the start of a new school year. Safety mechanisms worked effectively, and before long the fire was out, but the school faced significant water damage. In addition, classrooms full of supplies and textbooks were ruined. Over the course of the next several days maintenance crews worked around the clock to dry the building, repair damaged portions of the school, and salvage furniture. The Technology Department quickly assessed the damage and ordered new computers and equipment for the soon to arrive students. The Purchasing Department worked hastily to order new supplies and textbooks for the campus. The Superintendent of Schools was even seen, ankle-deep in water, sweeping the school in an effort to clear the hallways of debris.

All too often, departments are mistakenly misinterpreted as office staff with the primary job of pushing paper. And while many staff members do in fact spend hours and hours completing necessary administrative paperwork and financial analysis, they are also working tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that students can be taught in a safe and effective learning environment. It is true that our teachers and campus staff are the “All-Stars” in public education. They are the Most Valuable Players. It is also true that the various district departments carry a significant amount of pride in doing everything possible to help our faculty and campus staff to be successful. We are a team, and it is through the collective partnership between administrative and support staff, faculty, students, parents, and our community that we can continue to provide the best education for our students.