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John Boyd

Rarely does one come across a person who radiates a sense of happiness the minute you talk to them.  Better yet, someone who brightens your day in just seconds during a brief conversation.
In McKinney ISD, the Central Office staff has the unique opportunity to spend their day with the smiles and laughter custodian John Boyd instills in each personable encounter.

“I just come to work every day and try to make people happy, you know, because that’s what living is about,” said John Boyd, McKinney ISD Central Office’s daytime custodian for the past six years. “I arrive at around 6:30 a.m. every morning and try to get the little things ready for the workday.”

What John describes as “little things” are actually details that Central Office employees have vowed to never take for granted. 
John begins his workday by opening the gates at Ron Poe Stadium, adjacent to the administrative building, for community members who use the track and bleachers for exercise. Next, John turns his attention on preparing the coffee and tea for district employees and guests.

“Everyone tells me I make the best tea in the district,” mentioned John with a humble grin from ear to ear. “I’m not sure it is the best but that’s what people tell me.”

John’s tea may be impressive, but it is his persistent smile, kind demeanor, and going-the-extra-mile personality that has made him such an invaluable and recognizable member of the McKinney ISD Family.
“John truly exemplifies ‘servant leadership’,” noted Mr. Tom Crowe, McKinney ISD Superintendent of Schools. “A person's title does not matter, what matters is their heart. John is the best goodwill ambassador that we have here at Central Office as he greets visitors with a warm and friendly smile.”

One way John shows his selfless character is through helping staff members carry handfuls of items to and from their car. Serving staff and visitors in this manner is not written anywhere in John’s job description; he simply believes it’s the way things should be done.  People should help people. The way he finds the opportunity to help others could be best explained as just having a sixth sense for the needs of those around him.

 “I've witnessed John up front at the receptionist area with a handful of boxes,” said Debra Pintar, executive assistant to the Superintendent. “When he sees a visitor arrive at the front door, he will stop what he is doing and rush to the entrance to open the door for them.  I've seen John go outside to see if a guest speaker needs assistance bringing in supplies for a workshop. One never has to ask John to help them.  He gets ‘the big picture’ and takes the initiative to go several steps beyond what is required of him.”

“He greets me every morning with a huge smile and says ‘Hey sister Sara, how are you today?’” said Sara Jones, secretary for safety, security, and transportation for the district. “The best way to describe John is that he brightens everyone’s day at Central Office. We’d be lost without him.”

 “Let me tell you, if I have a meeting in the morning I’ll call him on my way to work. He always knows it’s me and says, ‘Yes Miss Lisa, what time is the meeting and for how many?” He's always there when you need him. On a personal note, when I'm having a stressful day, John can always sense it and will take the time to cheer me up.”

These are just a few of the many stories that could be told of John Boyd and the way he helps others and goes above and beyond the call of duty. Everyone at Central Office knows him and everyone calls him their friend.

 “Not only does he go out of his way helping the Central Office staff, but he is just as considerate of visitors from our community,” added Superintendent Crowe. “John leads by example; an example that all of us should learn from and follow.”

“Every morning I get up and can’t wait to get to work,” said John, who recently celebrated his 44th birthday. “I’m truly blessed to be around my friends at Central Office everyday and to work for a school district that cares.”